Sunday March 1st: Peco X country

Sunday March 1st: Peco X country

Report from Graham Lake:

3 of us guested in the Peco Cross-Country at Roundhay on Sunday. In very windy but sunny conditions 608 (!!) runners took in the rather nice course round the park. Not really a cross-country feel, more a trail race, hardly any mud!
I was pleased with my position finishing 54th in 29.01 tantalisingly close to John Greenwell, 51st in 28.57, with Frank having a cracking run in the blue vest of Roundhay Runners, 3rd in 25.37. Those positions are just the men, winner was Jonathan Wills in 25.13.

5 thoughts on “Sunday March 1st: Peco X country

  1. Well done guys!!
    Perhaps next season the club could enter the league and get a team together ???

  2. As someone who has run in PECO races, I’d echo Sean’s suggestion. Though the only downside is the league is now too large so they might not want/need us.

  3. Few years ago Otley AC used to be part of PECO league and we were part of this league for several years ,and myself ran loads of PECO’S races all around the district. Graham ran really well in this trail race with 29:01 , he is right to be pleased because he had a good performance. Also John G and Frank B. did well at Roundhay Park.

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