Sunday 8th March – Harewood 10k

Sunday 8th March – Harewood 10k

Frank number 1

Report from Frank Beresford:

I decided to enter the harewood 10k and us it as a tempo training run for my London marathon training. The race was well organised apart from a late start which is never ideal. The course took the participants round the pleasant yet undulating footpaths that surround Harewood house.

I came to the race with relatively tiered legs from marathon training but looking forward to 10km trail race. The race started at a reasonable pace and it felt easy throughout the race. I injected a few surges during the first 7km to disrupt the pace slightly. At the 7th km on a reasonably steep incline I pushed myself hard for 2km and found myself with a clear lead. During the 9th km I eased up the pace and enjoyed the race.

I really enjoyed the race and it was quiet refreshing to run for place rather than time. I am beginning to feel the benefit of my marathon training under the guidance of Peter Shields as my recovery and endurance are showing good improvements. It was good to see a large number of “Black and White” runners at the race. Robin Outersides had a cracking race finishing in fifth.  Next week I will be making a trip to London to compete in the North London Half Marathon, which I am very excited about!

Ed.  Results: 1st Frank Beresford 34:54, 1st Lady Charlotte Wills, Leeds City 40:32, 5th Robin Outtersides 36:41,  Melvin Hoare 51:47,  Tom Hannah 52:51,  Phil Robinson 53:07,  Colin Best 55:35,  Lisa Maughan 59:09,  Elaine Ransom 1:02:23,  Lucy Mowat 1:03:01.

Full results here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 8th March – Harewood 10k

  1. Well done Frank and Robin, and everyone else for that matter. Personally I enjoyed the run and was pleased with my time given my recent fitness issues. What I didn’t enjoy was the queue to get out of the grounds – it took me the best part of two hours to get out! Then I found out that others had experienced similar parking problems in previous years. It’s not surprising that participant numbers were well down this year, I certainly won’t be back again!

  2. Actually I stand corrected, there were more people this year than last (can only assume they were all unsuspecting first timers like me though!)

  3. Well done to Frank and Robin – good times and positions. Well done to everyone else – what happened to Colin?

  4. Frank Number 1 indeed, Congratulations to him for the lovely victory. Peter Shields the former Ian Fisher’s coach is one of the best coach in West Yorkshire and he is a legend in the running world and also in other sports as well. Well done to everybody , especially to Tom H. for his strong performance in this 10k , also Lucy M. had a good day with 1:03 that is not a bad result at all.

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