Sunday March 22nd: Trimpell 20

Sunday March 22nd: Trimpell 20

From Ian Broadbent:

Getting a Sunday off during lambing to do a run is hard, telling the father in law I was off running and had to pay for the pleasure even harder. Anyway I Ventured over to Gods other own county today to do the Trimpell 20, it’s a 99% traffic free route which winds around Lancaster then up the old railway track to Caton. It was a Warmish sunny day, I’d been hoping for about 2.45 but slipped to around 3.05. I think I ran the first half too quickly and not applying Vaseline didn’t help, painful bath tonight. If you are ever over that way with work, family, holiday then they organise a whole host of races in and around Lancaster/morecambe. Really well organised and the chocolate donought at the end was very welcome!

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