Sunday 29th March – Blubberhouses 25

Sunday 29th March – Blubberhouses 25

Report from the President Matt Podd:

What a fine day for a visit to Rocking Hall, Beamsley Beacon and Round Hill, in the company of a load of middle aged pleasure seekers. Some rain, some wind, and a lot of mud. The Round Hill bogs were at their best. Not sure how people got on, but I saw Liam (joint 1st with Andrew Dobby) 3:21, at the start charging off, and there was a large Otley women’s team, Laura M, 5:18, Sarah F, 5:22 , Sarah McB 5:20, Liz F, 6:33 and more. Hope everyone enjoyed and got home safe. I did it in 4hrs 17min – results on the ldwa site here.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 29th March – Blubberhouses 25

  1. Laura, me and Sarah mcB (and my friend Kate) ran round together which made a tough day weather wise and underfoot wise a whole lot more enjoyable. We were about an hour behind you Matt but let’s just say we put the world to rights most of the way round 🙂 recommend this one the buns were top notch !

  2. Well done Mr President and all the ladies. I’m a bit tired of all the tarmac recently so decided to do this as an alternative to my long Sunday run. This was my first attempt at this event and despite doing it in road shoes I really enjoyed it. Fantastic changing views all the way and thanks to Andy Dobby (Harrogate Harriers) for showing me the way, I didn’t have a clue where I was going as I only finalised the idea in the pub last night that.

  3. Congratulations to Liam D. for winning this long race together with Andy D. excellent performance in a difficult environment done with road shoes in a relax mode , just to show that runners perform better if they enjoy the day and nerves do not get a grip on runners before the start. Well done everybody .

  4. Amazing & fantastic results for all Otley runners in this event, but especially to Liam for winning!!! Not sure what happened with the Wharfedale Observer report but almost non-existent report of these fantastic results. Surely we should be shouting from the roof tops! Hopefully some recognition will be reported next week?

  5. At the time of writing the newspaper report, which has to be submitted by Tuesday lunchtime, these results were not available. I wrote the report mentioning who had taken part but there was no mention of who had won on this website.

    I write the report from the weeks events, i do not have the time to search or go back looking for results !!! If they are not on the website they don’t go in the paper. If someone else thinks they can do a better job and/or has more time on their hands then then go for it! take over!

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