Sunday 29th March – Wakefield 10k & Wetherby Parkrun

Sunday 29th March – Wakefield 10k & Wetherby Parkrun

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I had a busy weekend following a solid week of training including speed and hill-work on Friday. On Saturday morning I thought I would cycle up to Wetherby (it’s almost all bespoke cycle path from where I live) and gently do their second Park-run having missed the inaugural one because of the Clumber Park duathlon and then cycle back. The idea being to get used to the change of disciplines for the Euro long distance duathlon in Horst in a fortnight. I arrived at Wetherby early so did an extra half hour on the bike. The route for the run had changed from the previous week and is a flat but convoluted route through the playing fields on grass, not unpleasant and next to the Wharfe so quite a pretty venue. I set off at the back and went through 1K in 5 minutes which is about the pace I had originally intended. I gradually stoked it up and finished in 21.40 so a bit quicker than I maybe ought to have. The weather turned a bit ghastly for the ride home into wind driven rain. I had also promised Jacque to cycle with her in the afternoon so ended up doing another hour or so in the windy but sunny afternoon. All in all another tough training day.

On to Sunday and the Wakefield 10K. I have done this race many times in the past but not on the current route for which they close the road (excellent) for an out and back undulating course. The weather held up in that it was cool, threatening rain with a slight breeze. The race was won by Ben Marriott of Bingley Harriers in 32.17. First lady Jenny Latham Wakefield and District Harriers in 36.58. Otley representatives:

110th Steven Robinson  40.54,  147th Howard Jeffrey 42.27,  483rd & 1st V70 Phil Robinson 50.10, well done Phil,  512th Tom Hannah 54.15,  1110th Emma Thompson  57.36,  1139th Lucy Mowat 58.44.  Full results here and lots of photos here.

The challenge for me was to push hard on leaden legs to get used to running tired (for second run legs of the duathlons) and I was not far off the pace for my peers coming in third place by only a minute, so an ok result. There were 1704 finishers.

You can’t teach and old dog etc., so I will probably do the same thing next week prior to the Guiseley Gallop (or will it be Canter, you decide!)

8 thoughts on “Sunday 29th March – Wakefield 10k & Wetherby Parkrun

  1. Another good write up Howard with your weekly back story, must be time to start a blog!!
    Well done Phil with the category win, is that a club record too?

  2. Well spotted Steve, possibly, having checked back to the old newsletters Eric did 42.12 at the Castleford 10k in 92 & there is a report of Eric winning the v60 prize at the Rossett 5 (mile) that year, but no time details, guessing he probably did 34 t0 35 minutes. & well done everyone.

  3. Great running to you all ! Hope i am still running at the age of 70!
    This was Emma’s first race as an official B&W, Emma started running about a year ago and has been running with the beginners group (occasional main session too). Great result Emma!
    Lucy Mowat also ran, coming 1139th in 58:44

  4. i was pleased with my run and category win but no coconut – my race diary reveals these Otley results from the Barnsley 10k of 15th November 1992 which was also the British Vets Champs –
    A. Robertshaw 32.33, M. Jeffrey 35.01, J.Robertshaw 36.47, T.Hannah 40.42, P.Robinson 41.37, K.Robertshaw 42.19 and Eric Smith 43.14 – new British record for V70, knocking 17 seconds off the previous record!

  5. I remember that like yesterday! 2 separate top class races for open & Vets, definitely not flat but still fast with a downhill last mile an a bit, & it’s been downhill ever since for me too, peaked at 22!!, on road times at least. Eric won the Northern Vets. v70 title earlier in the year at Castleford in 42.12, maybe that wasn’t a certified course for British record purposes? but we’ll take it as a club record anyway I think.

  6. They are brilliant times from back in the day. 42 mins for 10k at 70 is astounding. And Andrew, that’s why I’m sticking to the fells, you can always blame getting slower on wind/rain/rocks/change of course/wild animals etc etc out on the fells.

  7. Astounding indeed Graham , but lets not forget that Eric S. came from the national fields and he was as well an international runner , still 42 minutes at 70 is unbelievable .

  8. I would say Howard that you are a bit hard on yourself , maybe to give your legs a chance for some recovery , your 42 :27 is really good. Compliments to Phil R. for his 50:10 that is an excellent result, that I find it as a great achievement worth indeed a medal, just extraordinary. Well done everyone .

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