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Sunday 26th April – ETU Standard duathlon championships

Report from Howard Jeffrey: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the ETU Standard duathlon championships!! I watched the sprint distance in the morning when the weather was not too bad. The road was wet which made the white paint on the crossings treacherous and I saw many a heavy fall as the wheels just zipped out from under people. Note to self: ride between the white bits.

The sprint completed, the forecast thunderstorm and winds came on with a vengeance. My start time of 12.20 came and the rain had stopped (temporarily!). Warm up was good and I felt the adrenaline surge to tips of toes and fingers: always a good sign. I expected to finish in around sixth position given the known form of the rivals and a couple of Spanish unknowns who I thought were likely to be good.

The 10K run was four laps of an undulating course kicking off up a steep drag. On your marks and go; steady away up the hill then into a nice consistent pace round the four laps (39.58! getting quicker). Onto the bike for four laps of just less than 10k each round an undulating course that took in no less than 22 roundabouts each lap each with an entry and exit of white line crossings. Careful!!

Lap one comfortable pace, rain increasing, wind picking up. Second lap rainwater pouring off my sleeves, can’t see for running water blurring my vision. Wind gusts coming thick and fast and buffeting the bike so it seemed like the wheels were loose. End of second lap thinking this is quite tough and noticing a lot of wounded souls waiting for pick up after crashes. Lap three the temperature was forecast for 17 degrees so I only had my long sleeved lightweight shirt on. Hail stones pelting down for a while on the third lap and thinking this actually feels like about 2 degrees and I am cold. Lap four ‘come on Howard you’re doing great ’ I hear from the wayside ‘only one lap to go’. I get half way round lap four and am aware there appears to be no-one else on the bike route. The conditions are as bad as I have ever seen them and I guess people are abandoning. Not Me! Survival of the fittest and all that goes through my mind. I get to the next hill and my thighs are telling me ‘you can’t get up this hill; you’re too cold’…..I am up out of the saddle not so much cycling as grinding my way to the top. Coast down the other side, spinning fast to warm up. I don’t think I can get up another hill it is impossible! No that just takes a little longer!! Get over the brow and coast down past a GB lady stopping on the next incline and stepping off the bike, unable to pedal. Game Over!  I found out afterwards that upwards of 35 people had pulled out with hypothermia some of them hospitalised!

You have to make the start line and then you have to finish to get a time and position. The odds are going in my favour if I finish. No question. I get to the transition, thankfully only 5K to run. Definitely feeling a bit disoriented when I finally get my running shoes on and hit the hills on the run again. You’re not running up these hills my thighs are telling me again and again I ignore them and force my way into some kind of rhythm. Probably not pretty but I got going for the second and final lap to finish in 24 minutes for the 5K which in the scheme of things was OK. One guy got off the bike in transition and the next thing he knew was waking up in the emergency room!!. A couple of seasoned cyclists said they have never been out in such bad conditions so it was good just to finish.

There were never the less 10 finishers in my age category (not the Spaniards) a Frenchman first, a GB second and them me, to claim the bronze medal and my first podium finish after seven attempts!! A good work-out for the Keswick half at the weekend and Leeds half after that.


March Runner of the Month

Well done to Adam Paget and Molly Storer for competing in a whole load of park runs! Molly does the Woodhouse Moor 5k run every week!

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Monday May 4th – May Day! No training at Prince Henry’s

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Saturday 25th April – Woodhouse Moor 5k Park Run

255 78 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:27:50
351 134 Imogen Webster Otley AC 00:33:28
357 139 Molly STORER Otley AC 00:33:51

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Sunday 26th April – Roundhay Junior Park Run

Report from Gail:

Update on last week: JENSON was given the win as the original winner was too old! And ASTON moved up a place too.

Today, Jenson came 2nd and 1st boy in a time of 7.56(PB). Holly was placed 5th and 2nd girl.

Aston ran his 11th Junior Park Run and earned his Half-Marathon wristband! He came 13th today and 10th boy in a time of 9.13. (PB)

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Sunday 26th April – London Marathon

Report from Ian Broadbent: I had hoped for a 3:45-4hrs but woke up on the Saturday full of cold. So I set off at a relaxed pace and pretty much kept going at that pace all the way round (obviously a lesson to be learned there) and finished in 4 hrs 14 mins, I was feeling so fit at the end I managed to carry my little one back 3 miles to the hotel on my shoulders.  The crowds were once again amazing and there are few experiences like those last 3 miles where those watching just seem to pull you to the finish. I don’t know of any other event that brings together elite runners, fun runners and spectators – why can’t people in the world be so nice to each other like that very day? Was great to bump in to Billy at the start and I was royally looked after by Children with Cancer UK, who I ran for, at the end. I had promised Mrs B no more marathons because of the time spent training but got to say im wobbling on that promise already! Well done to everyone else and bring on the Harrogate League.

Frank Beresford reports: After over 4 months of hard yet enjoyable training with under the excellent guidance of Peter Shields, I arrived for my marathon debut in London and really into the unknown as the longest run of my life before this was 21 miles.

I came to London feeling fresh and ready to go after forcing myself to taper (I found this the hardest part of my training). Before the race I met up with Liam in the championship pre-race tent. He gave me some handy tips and provided me with a much needed bin liner to keep me warm before the start.

The start of the marathon came quickly and I managed to contain my pace sensibly for the first few miles by running with Paula Radcliffe who was running at 5.40 minute mile pace and with the crowd shouting for her every moment of the way, I fed of this and settled into the group that was running with her. I was hoping she would run at this pace throughout the race and she could just “carry” me to a 2 hour 29 marathon time. Unfortunately by the forth mile she slowed and I had no choice but to press on. I passed the half-way point spot on time with a 1 hours 14 minutes and 54 seconds feeling good. I spotted Steve Way who I was surprised to see running and stuck with him working my way up the field. Unfortunately by mile 19 my legs where not happy with me and although aerobically fine, my legs where saying STOP. The reason for this I believe is I still need to increase the mileage but was unable to do so in preparation as my body has only just adjusted to the high mileage.

After mile 19 I just had to turn off my pain sensors and push on at a slightly slower pace to finish in an acceptable 2 hours 33 minutes and 3 seconds. Although I missed my rather optimistic target of sub 2 hours 30 minutes I am confident that I can improve on this time. I will be taking a week off before targeting a Marathon in Autumn (Berlin or Amsterdam), with my training involving higher mileages and longer tempo runs, so I can break the 2 hours 30 barrier.

I really enjoyed training for the marathon and the race itself, it really was a fantastic experience. I appreciate all the support I have received during the months of training and the large number of supporters who shouted for the “black and whites” during the race. It is always nice to hear a Yorkshire accent down south!

I look forward continuing my training and racing over the summer months.


Report from Liam Dunne: Having been disappointed at not getting under 2.45 last year, I really wanted to have another crack at the London Marathon in 2015. I picked up a back injury in early Dec and it kept me from running for most of that month, at this point I was contemplating not running London at all but with three months to go I jumped straight into the training.

My training consisted of 3-4 days training a week with Tom and sometimes Frank.  Our training consisted of rep sessions, tempo, long runs at the weekend and a few races thrown in. I struggled throughout the training and found it really difficult, I was hoping that things would get easier but it never did as training with Tom for the most part was tough as he was in the form of his life and kept dropping me on most of the long runs. With the help of Mark Hall’s healing hands, a good diet and plenty of rest I started to feel good in the week leading up to the marathon.

Before the event I was staying at my Aunt’s house, which is a couple of miles from the start. It is perfect as pre-race lodgings: it’s peaceful for a good night’s sleep, the food is great and I get chauffeured to the start of the race. Plus, Mickey, the 50 year old tortoise, gave me a few tips on how to pace myself!

I had qualified for a Championship place and this brought a few privilages such as an area with more toilets, dry changing marque and nice warm-up area. The downsides were I had carry a bit more weight as I had to wear two numbers, two chips and worst of all I had to give up my Irish citizenship to become part of the great British empire for the day!

In the championship area I met up with Frank and we took a few snaps before getting the warm up in. Soon after we were led to the start not far behind the elite line-up and we were soon on our way. I felt great and was concentrating on holding back the pace but still managed to go off a little too fast. The crowds of supporters were just amazing and it makes you feel like you are really part of something special. The one real disappointment though was the placard from the crowd that read ‘Naked ladies half a mile ahead’ but somehow I managed to miss them!

My planned pace for the race was 6.15 all the way which would have got me sub 2.44 I felt really good during the race and was about a minute ahead of my planned pace until trouble struck the legs at mile 22, it suddenly felt like rigor mortis had set in and there was nothing I could do only battle to keep them going. Tom cruised passed me soon after mile 23 and offered a few words of encouragement but nothing could get my legs moving in rhythm again. I was disappointed to miss out on a sub 2.45 and crossed the line in just over 2hrs 46mins but maybe there is still some time to do it before I get too old. Well done to Frank, Tom and all the Otley AC runners, remember the pain is the same no matter what pace you run.


Results from the London Marathon, 1st Eliud Kipchoge, Kenya 2:04:42 & Tegist Tufa, Ethiopia 2:23:22.

Place overall Place gender Place category Name Category Half Finish
93 93 81 Beresford, Frank 18-39 01:14:59 02:33:03
438 426 296 Midgley, Thomas 18-39 01:22:15 02:44:01
539 524 108 Dunne, Liam 40-44 01:21:21 02:46:12
2867 2651 1352 Armstrong, Ross 18-39 01:30:04 03:09:19
4157 3743 93 Clarke, Richard 55-59 01:37:14 03:18:38
17433 13067 1878 Broadbent, Ian 45-49 01:58:04 04:13:59
18448 13724 1972 Rayner, Andrew 45-49 01:56:25 04:17:46
20857 5721 726 Richard, Sara 45-49 02:05:46 04:26:45


Saturday 25th April – Park Runs

Banstead Woods parkrun


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Peter MILLS Tadworth AC 00:17:24
14 1 Lisa ROONEY Collingwood AC 00:20:20
107 20 Toni Midgley Otley AC 00:27:17


Woodhouse Moor parkrun

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Unknown ATHLETE Unattached 00:16:37
98 80 James KETTLEBOROUGH Otley AC 00:22:59
173 41 Susan TUPLING Otley AC 00:25:33
256 178 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:27:50
255 78 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:27:50
351 134 Imogen Webster Otley AC 00:33:28
357 139 Molly STORER Otley AC 00:33:51


Harrogate parkrun

Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Ed BEECHER Harrogate Harriers & AC 00:17:25
25 1 Haley BELLERBY Unattached 00:20:45
110 92 Stephen SMALL Otley AC 00:24:42


Keswick parkrun


Position   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Sam STEAD Keswick AC 00:18:03
3 1 Hannah HORSBURGH Keswick AC 00:18:41
38 14 Joanna Hobson Otley AC 00:28:12

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Saturday 25th April – 3 Peaks Fell Race

Report from the President:

It’s normal that the Three Peaks happens in nice weather, but this year was an exception. Cold, windy and rain all the way – except for on top of Ingleborough were it was snowing – not many in just vest and shorts! Good conditions for running, though it was a bit churned up for us at the back.

Great support round the course, even though the weather was foul.

Results from the 61st 3 Peaks Fell Race, full results here, unfortunately Sam Stell had to retire at the Hill Inn.  Lots of Woodentops photos here,  SportsSunday here and misty summit RacingSnakes ones here.

Pos Name Club Cat Pen-y-ghent Whernside Hill Inn Ingleborough Time
1 Ricky Lightfoot Salomon M 28:11 1:41:33 1:57:29 2:24:42 2:51:42
44 Helen Bonsor Carnethy HR F 34:12 2:01:33 2:21:46 2:54:08 3:27:24
178 Shane Ewen Otley AC M 39:25 2:18:18 2:41:32 3:18:38 3:56:11
195 Jeremy Stewart Otley AC M 38:46 2:17:37 2:40:31 3:19:32 3:58:01
239 John Armitstead Otley AC MV50 41:32 2:24:40 2:48:20 3:26:43 4:06:00
316 Andrew Hunt Otley AC MV40 41:29 2:23:57 2:57:18 3:35:50 4:18:20
326 Graham Lake Otley AC M 42:03 2:29:43 2:57:44 3:37:45 4:19:25
624 Matt Podd Otley AC MV50 47:41 2:48:59 3:19:57 4:10:07 5:03:14


Saturday 25th April – Parkruns

Early news from the Parkruns this week,  Joanna Hobson reports from Keswick:

1st place – Sam Stead 18.03 Keswick AC, 1st female – Hannah Horsburgh 18.41 Keswick AC

I came in 38th position in 28.12.  This was a PB & 1st in my age category!


Thursday 23rd April – Fewston Handicap

I’m sure Mick won’t mind me saying this, but his win was probably more down to the handicapping, (on the night), than his fantastic running.   Although saying that he did have a good run to come finish a clear winner ahead of Garry and young James.  Scott recorded the fastest time on the night a second over 22 minutes.  Top of the table after the fourth race of the series is John Armitstead 73pts, followed by Steve Robinson 72 and Gemma 70.  See the full table here.

May’s race is a sealed handicap using the second Harrogate League race organised by Dragons on  Thursday 21st.

Pos Time Hcap Net Time Pts
1 Michael Pickard 41:30 12:00 29:30 29
2 Garry Cochrane 42:54 13:00 29:54 28
3 James Kettleborough 43:13 13:00 30:13 27
4 Toni Midgley 44:47 09:00 35:47 26
5 Steven Robinson 45:05 19:00 26:05 25
6 Tom Lynch 45:35 19:00 26:35 24
7 Colin Best 45:40 12:00 33:40 23
8 Phil Robinson 45:53 13:00 23:53 22
9 Nicola Lee 46:05 15:00 31:05 21
10 Tom Paget 46:26 19:00 27:26 20
11 Hugh Pearson 46:32 16:00 30:32 19
12 John Armitstead 46:47 19:00 27:47 18
13 Tom Hannah 46:53 12:00 34:53 17
14 Scott Harrington 47:01 25:00 22:01 16
15 Dominic Egan 47:13 15:00 32:13 15
16 Natalie Kettleborough 47:19 12:00 35:19 14
17 Gemma Harrington 47:25 12:00 35:25 13
18 Tony Walker 47:36 19:00 28:36 12
19 Chris Tomlinson 47:48 17:00 30:48 11
20 Imogen Webster 48:09 09:00 39:09 10
21 John Davis 48:43 14:00 34:43 9
22 Christian Hosker 49:25 18:00 31:25 8
23 Eriks Zvaigzne 49:42 16:00 33:42 7
24 Antonio Cardinale 50:16 05:00 45:16 6
25 Carol Armitstead 50:17 05:00 45:17 5
26 Roger Dawson 51:26 00:00 51:26 4
27 Tom Midgley 44:47 09:00 35:47 2
28 Andy Webster 48:09 09:00 39:09 2
29 Yvette McNally dnf