Saturday 25th April – 3 Peaks Fell Race

Saturday 25th April – 3 Peaks Fell Race

Report from the President:

It’s normal that the Three Peaks happens in nice weather, but this year was an exception. Cold, windy and rain all the way – except for on top of Ingleborough were it was snowing – not many in just vest and shorts! Good conditions for running, though it was a bit churned up for us at the back.

Great support round the course, even though the weather was foul.

Results from the 61st 3 Peaks Fell Race, full results here, unfortunately Sam Stell had to retire at the Hill Inn.  Lots of Woodentops photos here,  SportsSunday here and misty summit RacingSnakes ones here.

Pos Name Club Cat Pen-y-ghent Whernside Hill Inn Ingleborough Time
1 Ricky Lightfoot Salomon M 28:11 1:41:33 1:57:29 2:24:42 2:51:42
44 Helen Bonsor Carnethy HR F 34:12 2:01:33 2:21:46 2:54:08 3:27:24
178 Shane Ewen Otley AC M 39:25 2:18:18 2:41:32 3:18:38 3:56:11
195 Jeremy Stewart Otley AC M 38:46 2:17:37 2:40:31 3:19:32 3:58:01
239 John Armitstead Otley AC MV50 41:32 2:24:40 2:48:20 3:26:43 4:06:00
316 Andrew Hunt Otley AC MV40 41:29 2:23:57 2:57:18 3:35:50 4:18:20
326 Graham Lake Otley AC M 42:03 2:29:43 2:57:44 3:37:45 4:19:25
624 Matt Podd Otley AC MV50 47:41 2:48:59 3:19:57 4:10:07 5:03:14

13 thoughts on “Saturday 25th April – 3 Peaks Fell Race

  1. Well done everyone, a grand day out for me watching, sorry I just missed you Matt, the snow got the better of me!.

  2. I agree with Simon A. about John A. he is a machine of strong consistency ,4:06 is good indeed. Shane E. ran really well with 3:56 that is a great result ,and also our President Matt P. had a solid performance in 5:03 that is a super result if you consider the terrible wet and cold day . Well done to everyone who ran this great race.

  3. I know my time doesn’t look great, but I was really chuffed with how the race went. Took it easy until Whernside summit, so looking at the stats, I passed 74 runners from Hill Inn to the end. would have been even faster had I not ended up in a ditch screaming for someone to stretch my legs back straight again! Thankfully a friendly Raynet operator managed to sort them out.
    Shane, Jeremy and John’s results are superb, I don’t know how they do it.
    Andy H was struggling with cramp, and I caught him at bottom of Ingleborough, he then shot up 2 minutes quicker!

  4. As a spectator sport it was a cruel day!
    Despite the weather it was great to see the Otley men smiling (or was it a grimace) at the checkpoints; although many of the Woodentops’ pics make it look like quite a nice day.
    How about some Otley women running it next year?

  5. Sometimes things slot into place with these races. I’d struggled with injury & had only run one 20+ mile route all year (Rombalds) so planned on treating this as a training run. And it took all the pressure off & the nerves fell away as I headed off. The sections I have struggled with in the past (Whernside esp) were still hard, but I enjoyed them more this year. The weather helped because I prefer the cold and wet; just askRich about Austwick in the blistering heat last year!

    I only looked at my watch at the top of Whernside and again after the scramble & pork pie up Ingleborough (thanks to Andrew!) and thought a sub 4 was in my sights. I even managed a sprint finish to take another place. It is rewarding overtaking so many runners coming back in, though I always try and encourage them because I know how it feels to be on the receiving end!

    To complete this is in itself a major feat; everyone should feel rightly pleased with themselves. 70+ runners didn’t finish in the conditions so that says it all.

  6. I understand it was cold out there so well done to all that finished. It’d be nice to do this one day, walking for me though!

  7. With such a weather condition it was important first to go to the finish line Graham , your 4:19 is an achievement ,if you consider the wet and cold, grumpy day , although Shane E. was really awesome on the day.

  8. I really appreciated this old report Andrew , because John explains what a special fell race the 3 Peaks is and as well tell us what powerful runner John is . It is interesting to discover from John’s report that a runner’s life at the 3 Peaks race is just the the same like the one that he ran last Saturday.

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