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Sunday 31st May – British Athletics European Mountain Trial

Report from Frank Beresford:

Frank_BA_European_TrialAfter London Marathon I took a few easy weeks and have gradually built up my mileage to around 70 quality base miles, in preparation for my next main objective which is the Yorkshire Marathon. During these base miles I completed a few hills session on the Chevin which I enjoyed in preparation for the European Uphill Championships in Glenridding.

I came to the race feeling fresh and was really just looking to enjoy the 950 meters of ascent in the 10k course and race against a top field, which I did. The course was originally planned to be 7 miles long, however due to bad weather the course was shorted (thankfully). There were about 30 competitors but all top athletes who specialised in fell race.

The race unexpectedly started off much like a road race, fast. Having learnt my lesson from past races decided to just keep in the middle of the pack and not go off too fast. I pretty much stayed there for the entire race as the leader really did just fly off. The first 3 miles didn’t have a considerable amount of ascent in and I was pleased to clock a 4.50 minute mile in mile 3 (there was a slight decent). After mile 3 the real work began and the course was all uphill. My legs and lungs have never hurt like this before and combined with strong head wind and hail stone, it was hard. I battled through this and was pleased to pick off a few runners during the 3 mile ascent. When I arrived at the finish my legs were on fire and decided because of the weather to decent as soon as possible. I found the decent an enjoyable experience as the weather seemed to clear as soon as the race had finished, I was able to take in the impressive views and have a chat with some of the other runners.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and wished there were more uphill races like this. I am still unclear where I finished as results have not been published but I believe I finished about 13 which I am pleased about. Marathon training begins next Monday.

1st. Andrew Douglas, Inverclyde AC 47:37, 14th Frank 52:50, full results here.


Sunday 31st May – Edinburgh Marathon

Report from Stephen Boddy:

After being very taken by Scott’s Melmerby 10k write up I decided to apply ‘The Harrington Conjecture’ to my own running. (Beer + Burgers = Fast running). At 2am as I staggered home up the Royal Mile with just an empty bottle of 10yr old Macallan and the remains of a Haggis pasty for company I started to wonder if this had been a wise move. Luckily, I woke up and realised it had all been a dream and my loyal (but dull) friends; pasta, porridge and Nuun tablets were still by my side and in my belly.

The run itself was relatively uneventful; I set off, I felt crap for the first few miles, then I felt ok for a while, the miles ticked over and towards the end my legs gradually fell apart. Luckily, they fell apart later than usual which allowed me to finish in 3hrs 40mins which was a 36min PB.  The main moment of note was some fella I didn’t recognise shouting ‘Go on Otley, see you down The Junction!’ which was ace.

Finally, during the last mile or so, I perfected the art of the ‘anti-cramp run’. This is a sort of hunched shuffle which involves only moving your hips and feet thus minimising the use of any leg muscles. I can’t say I finished the race with good form or any dignity but I can say I made it to the finish. I’ll happily run a session on it if people want.

1st. Peter Wanjiru 2:19:36,  1st woman Joan Kigen 2:39:42, 1418. Stephen 3:40:13. Full results here and the Scotsman report here.


Saturday 30th May – Parkruns

Woodhouse Moor parkrun

Pos.   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Andrew MAY Valley Striders AC 00:17:17
25 1 Rachel BOURNE Hyde Park Harriers 00:19:40
319 95 Imogen Webster Otley AC 00:29:45
364 123 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:31:32
365 242 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:31:33

Bradford parkrun

Pos   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Will KERR Saltaire Striders 00:16:49
17 1 Rebecca STREETS Airecentre Pacers RC 00:21:47
58 55 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 00:23:55

Greenock parkrun

Pos   Gender Position   parkrunner   Club   Run Time  
1 1 Steven CAMPBELL Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:17:38
12 12 Tom Paget Otley AC 00:20:21
18 1 Lorna COYLE Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:21:44

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Thursday 28th May – Apperley Bridge Canter

Report from Sean O’Halloran:

Following a last min decision, due to a change in childcare duties, I was free to run on Thursday evening and decided to enter the 2015 Apperley Bridge Canter along with a good OAC turnout.

The race is billed as a multi terrain race, but I decided to run in road shoes and was glad I did as 90% of the race was tarmac.
Due a change in route because of canal path closures and not knowing the area I was completely unaware of what lay ahead.
The route had three steady climbs which tested the legs and lungs. The places I gained on the hills were balanced out on the flat/downhill tarmac sections which made great racing.

Toni and I had an enjoyable battle on the night; From the start I could always see Toni just ahead but never gained until the second noticeable climb, around half way,where I caught up and pulled ahead. Toni then caught me on the flat/downhill tarmac section. Going into the final mile we were side by side covering each other’s move. My saving grace was a steep downhill grassy bank, switching in to off road mode I flew down the hill and took a slight lead. But it was not long before Toni was on my shoulder again.

Sean_and_Toni_HorsforthABCInto the final field and about 800m to go and the race was on. The route took us around a large playing field and I could sense Toni behind me all the time. We turned the final corner and on to the last 200m and us both set off for a sprint finish.
Every time I increased my pace Toni was there, I could hear her breathing hard and giving it her all. With 10-15m to go and with the lactate levels almost at the max, I moved into top gear and gave it absolutely everything I had and held on to cross the line just ahead.

Immediately after crossing the finishing line the retching started and waves or nausea hit, yep I had been pushed to the limit and it confirmed I had given it everything.

I was thankful for the steady climbs and minimal off road sections, without them Toni would have easily taken the victory. It was a great battle and I thank Toni for pushing me hard and next time I’m sure Toni will take the honours, this is what I love about racing.

However the performance of the night for me goes to Lisa Maughan, following a time off due to injury and family commitments Lisa confirmed last night she is back and running really well, especially after doing Ilkley Trail race earlier in the week.
First home for OAC was Tom Midgley in 38:17. Also for Otley were Mark Hall in 39:38, Eriks Zvaigzne in 49:25, Stephen Small in 50:56, Andrew Rayner in 51:32, Sara Elliott in 52:50, Lisa Maughan in 55:35, and Sara Richard in 57:41 with myself finishing in 01:01:32 and Toni Midgley finishing in 01:01:32.

The winner was Philip Tedd from Thames Hare & Hounds in 34:52 and the first lady was Rachel Bourne from Hyde Park Harriers in 41:12.  Full results on John Schofield race results here.


Monday 25th May: ilkley trail race

Report from Hannah: This is a race I’ve fancied having a go at for a few years, mainly because I’ve never been where the route goes and even though I’ve kept saying I’ll do it as training route it’s never happened.

So after being undecided for a couple of days, and with a bit of persuasion from Lisa Maughan I decided to enter. I also managed to get Gemma involved so we set off to meet Lisa in Ilkley to enter on the day, along with what felt like 500 people!

Gemma and I weren’t feeling our best, I’m a bit sore probably from over training and Gem had been celebrating Scott’s win the night before. So our approach was to have a nice run somewhere different and enjoy it.

A couple of years ago I watched a friend doing this race and he said it was tough, I just thought he was being soft, I now know what he meant. You set off and immediately hit a steep incline which then turns into the gorgeous bluebell filled woods continuing to climb up a field and on and on, for what feels like forever. Then you hit the moor which is my kind of undulating territory but still climbing. We eventually hit a bit of tarmac and Gemma was in her comfort zone picking up the pace before another slight climb and about two miles of downhill back to the finish.

We didn’t push ourselves too hard as we were chatting but the hills did manage to curtail our nattering at times and with the downhill we just let our legs go for it. Both happy to finish in about 1:10, I’ll definitely be back to give it another go now I know what I’m in for.

Well done to Jamil for a brilliant win, I understand no one else was near him.

Results aren’t out as yet so not sure where the others came, good turn out from Otley AC with the President, Andy Webster, Chris Tomlinson, Eriks, Nicola Lee and Antonio joining myself Gemma, Lisa and Jamil. Also, 2nd claims Tom Potter and Neil Jones were there. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone and apologies if I have.

Thanks to Ilkley Harriers who were very friendly and supportive, see you next year!


Sunday 24th May: Melmerby 10k

Report from Scott:
After a successful john Carr series I was wanting to do a 10k road race while I still had the speed in my legs before the marathon training starts. I also wanted to enjoy a race without the pressure of chasing a pb as that has been my focus so far this year. Jamil Parapia and I have spoken about melmerby before as he had done it a few years back. My family, some friends and I were camping nearby in North Yorkshire so I entered last thing. My race prep wasn’t ideal it consisted of drinking beer eating burgers and sleeping on a dodgy air bed!! Despite this on the morning of the race I felt confident of a positive result and on arrival it was nice to see a couple of fellow Otley runners, David Fox and Emma Thompson. Speaking to a few familiar faces from rival clubs I was told there were some climbs mid race and at the latter stages also. My plan with that in mind was to hit the first half hard to try and establish a good lead and let the second half take care of itself as I know I am very strong on the hills when other people are tiring. The course was on open country roads that were mainly traffic free. We set off and there was a lead group of 4 of us and after a bit of jostling to 2km I managed to open a gap. I decided to push on to gain a good advantage and after a couple of climbs I could no longer hear them behind me. There was a nasty cross wind and being on my own it made it harder work but it didn’t affect me too much. Hitting 3 miles and checking my watch for the first time it read 16mins dead which was pleasing as I knew I had plenty in the tank. There was an out and back bit between 6 and 8km it was nice to see other runners coming the other way to give each other encouragement. Getting to 9km I read my watch again and I knew if I put a last surge in up the hill back into the village and to the finishing line I was going to run under 33 minutes and win the race. I gave it one last big effort and ran past my family and friends and I crossed the line first place in 32.57. I was delighted on 3 fronts, looking at previous years winning times I had ran an excellent time, secondly how strong I felt on the the latter stages of the race and lastly how quickly I recovered when finishing. A lot of this is down to the coaching I’ve received from Jamil and his and zacks guidance this year. Thinking back and if I’d approached the race differently a pb may have been on who knows? But I didn’t care about that I’d had a cracking run and that 10km pb will come!!! The race organisation and marshalling was excellent the only down side was the prize giving took forever as there was a computer glitch but these things happen it’s a race I’d recommend and may do again one year.

Other times were as follows: David Fox: 119th, 46:34. Emma Thompson: 244th, 58:43. There were 298 finishers in total.


Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th May: Hardmoors 110


report from sarah fuller: The Hardmoors series of ultra races on the North York moors are now well established and deservedly popular. Organised by the dedicated duo of John and Shirley Steele the races have a large and loyal following and a really friendly supportive atmosphere. The 110 race is essentially a jaunt along the whole of the Cleveland way from Helmsley to Filey. I ran the Hardmoors 55 race last year and didn’t enjoy it much due to being ill for most of the race so I’ve no idea what possessed me to enter the 110 as it was the 55 race again followed by another 55 miles of running!! But I’m so glad I did what a fantastic experience. As everything seemed to conspire against me even getting to the start line (what with injuries, illness and fatigue in the last few months) everything fell into place for the event. The weather was stunning, actually it was a bit too hot but after the spine race there was no way I was going to complain!

90 ish runners set off from Helmsley at 8am on Saturday in good spirits with lots of banter and catching up with people I knew from other races. I was running with my friend Elaine and due to a distinct lack of decent training I was trying to keep my apprehension well hidden, not sure I managed though! I shouldn’t have worried we were well matched and even seemed to have bad patches and second, third and fourth winds at the same time. Our strategy was simple a steady but quickish (for a 100 miler!) first 20 miles to build up a good cushion on the cut off times then slow but steady and finish, no finish time in mind just beat the race cutoff at 36 hours (which in the end wasn’t really applied). We ran into osmotherly (21 miles) just under an hour ahead of the 5.5 hour cut off and pretty much held that margin to the end so it was never stressful just had to keep plodding out the miles.

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Saturday 23rd May – Eton Sprint Triathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I don’t normally report on the qualifiers as the Eton Sprint triathlon on Saturday 23rd May was a qualifier for the world championships in Chicago in October but hopefully it will give hope to anyone with injury (remember the sad but true maxim of the two types of runner: those who are injured and those who are about to be injured!!). I missed the Ripon 10 because my back went again (seriously painful) however got advice, treatment and taped up ( does anyone know the magic of KT tape?) and made the start line pain free and limber again.

The venue was used for the Olympics so is fabulous the weather was perfect sunny, warm and calm. The swim I took steadily as I wanted to loosen up gradually and took my time getting out of the wet suit. Onto the bike and 4 laps of pretty much holding my place with a couple of gentle reminders that was enough effort for today. Transition into the run and a reasonable 21.36 for the 5K saw me overhaul 3 rivals and finish in 4th in my age group and thus qualify for Chicago.

Now working on the root cause of the problem (likely mega miles in the car) as it is hard enough to compete when you’re on top form let alone sub optimal.


Saturday May 23rd: park runs

Woodhouse moor

Position    Gender Position         parkrunner                      Club                               Run Time

1                              1                       Tom EAMES                  West Suffolk AC              00:17:07

32                           1.                      Rachel BOURNE           Hyde Park Harriers        00:19:37

71                           66                     Richard A CLARKE      Otley AC                            00:21:23

415                        155                    Suzanne LUPTON         Otley AC                           00:34:33

416                        156                    Hannah Lupton         Otley AC                           00:34:33

417                        157                    Toni Midgley                Otley AC                           00:34:34



1                              1                       Will KERR                       Saltaire Striders             00:16:52

17                            1                       Claire COOPER              Keighley & Craven         00:20:43

162                        127                     Reid Haddow                Otley AC                           00:27:19

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Thursday 21st May – Harrogate League race 2 Dragons

Report from the Hon. handicapper

Another good turn out from Otley for the second race of the season which was also used as our handicap race for May.  The handicap points are generally halved for the May handicap, to not the skew the overall table too much for this sealed handicap.

Tom Midgley was first home for Otley in fifth,  Jack Wood from Ilkley was first in 31:31, first woman was Emma Robinson, Harrogate 38:34.  I was happy with 9th and this is probably my favourite harrogate league course at the moment, with lots of enthusiastic support from the marshalls & top nosh of spicy chips and cheesecake, not together!.  After turning his ankle at Fairfield, Graham took it steady on the uneven bits, but still improved on the first race to finish 20th.

Performance of the day went to the club secretary John Dade taking the maximum handicap points, closely followed by Carl and Christian.  See the full results here.

Steve Robinson moves to the top of the table on 87.5 points, just ahead of Gemma 84, Tom Lynch 83.5 and Chris Tomlinson 83, see the full handicap table here.  To see all Otley’s results and handicap results.  Read the rest of this entry »