Sunday 10th May- Leeds Half Marathon

Sunday 10th May- Leeds Half Marathon

Report from Laura Hind:

LeedsHalfMarathonHannah and I entered Leeds half in January following a conversation about our next running targets. It also gave me something to focus on for the next few months with a goal of a sub-2 hr half marathon. Nicky had already entered, it was local, so it seemed like a good idea. Training with the girls and the club has been smooth running, injury free and has provided plenty of motivation to get out and crack on.

Race day turned out to be a lovely day, following some of the awful wind and rain we’ve had over the last week. The sun was shining, the sky was blue…what could go wrong?

The course itself was flat at times, downhill at others with a couple of crafty uphills thrown in for good measure. Let’s face it, a Yorkshire race wouldn’t be right without them. There was brilliant support out on the route, from the lady with the monster vat of jelly babies to the family with the orange segments and hose pipes. Not to mention the massive number of OAC members out there today – Sarah Jones’ cowbell was a particular highlight! Thanks follks!

LeedHalfFinishMedalsUnfortunately, I think my mental strength has been a bit diluted of late and wasn’t there today to back up the physical training. Huge thanks to Hannah and Nicky for kicking my bum around the course! We crossed the line together in 2.05, not a bad time at all, Hannah still in one piece (and not moaning for once!) and Nicky pleased to have finished her first half in many years. I still have unfinished business with the distance, but as the saying goes, sometimes it’s not the destination, but the journey to it and that was definitely the case for me today.

A good turnout for OAC, with Billy, Sara R and Frank putting in a very good performance following the London Marathon just a fortnight ago. Tom H, running his second half this week, also achieved a good time. Well done also to Andy, Christian, Howard (2nd in his age category!), Julian, Eriks and Tom P (even if he had the wrong coloured vest on!)

For Stephen Boddy’s eight observations from today’s Leeds Half. and results

•    I’m not sure I’ll ever be entirely happy with a run. Even after a 4 minute PB(1.40.29) my immediate and lasting thought was that I wish I’d gone 30 seconds quicker.

•    Races like this remind me how good it is to be part of Otley AC. The encouragement you receive around the course is great. In particular, Gemma at Weetwood and Dominic at  Horsforth put a real spring in my step.

•    My hydration strategy before morning races is utterly amateur. I often end up stood at the start line with a dry mouth but also bursting for a pee.

•    Christain Hosker is a gent. I witnessed him put a big dent in his own time with less than a mile left to go help a fellow runner in distress.

•    I really need to check the weather forecast before races. I had a perfectly good sun hat sat in my bag.

•    I have now run 9 road races since joining Otley AC and have achieved a PB in each one. Which shows the benefit of joining a club.(and how crap I was previously )

•    Strava reckons I burnt 2119 calories during the run this morning. I’m pretty sure my post-race burger from Boozy Qs was worth about 3000.

•    I’m not sure I’ll ever tire of receiving a medal. Even if it is for 926nd place.

1st. Mohammed Abu-Rezeq, Altrincham 1:11:18, 1st lady Hannah Oldroyd, UKnetrunner 1:23:10.

20th Frank Beresford 1:18:09, 37th Julian Mawson 1:20:08,  Robin Outtersides 1:23:50,  Howard Jeffrey 1:52:10 (2nd V60), Stephen Boddy 1:40:29,  Andy Webster 1:40:34,  Christian Hosker 1:42:53,  Eriks Zvaigzne 1:46:27,  Billy Rayner 1:53:16,  Tom Hannah 1:56:40,  Sara Richard 2:03:18,  Hannah Lupton 2:05:38,  Nicky Gifford 2:05:38,  Laura Hind 2:05:39.

Full results here. (note that searching by Club = Otley AC, brings up a few Totley AC runners too!)

6 thoughts on “Sunday 10th May- Leeds Half Marathon

  1. Well done everyone. I thought it turned out to be quite hard work as it was deceptively hot. Good to see Julian looking sharp again as well.
    I was indeed 2nd V60 but my time was 1.35.18. I was behind Chris Gill (I have been racing him for 30 years) who is 65 and he was half a minute ahead all the way but I thought he is not in my category so why bust a gut to catch him. Doh!! no V65 but all V60+ you live and learn.
    For those who recall my duathlon in Holland pitched me against a rival from Bradford and our run times were to the second identical there. Leeds half was always going to be a race against him (Graham you remember!) and he was third V60, 24 seconds behind on gun and chip. Result!
    I caught Tom Potter up at about 8 miles because he was sitting on the kerb sick. He staggered to his feet and we ran on together till mile 9 when he pulled up again. I did suggest he quit as there is always another race but he went on to finish in about 1.39

  2. absolutely fabulous ladies, great black and white team spirit and true Yorkshire grit !

  3. Well done to all – even though the road closures made our lunch guests late! Lots of PB’s and another fun write up from Stephen.
    Fantastic to see Julian mixing it with the best again.

  4. I actually enjoyed this race and as Laura says it made a change for me not to be moaning, might have been because I finally felt strong and wasn’t in pain for once. Nicky, Laura and I made a great team and I was happy to repay Laura for the many times she has kicked my arse round a race by playing Mrs Motivator. Thanks to all from Otley AC who came to support, it really was appreciated and made it all the more enjoyable. Next time that sub 2 hours is mine.

  5. I agree with Howard , Julian with an impressive 1:20 had indeed a fantastic ran , also Tom H. with 1:56 had a good performance ,not bad at all . From the pics Laura, Nicky and Hannah show they had enjoyed the run and the result of 2:05 is good. Well done everyone.

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