Tuesday 12th May – Jack Bloor fell race

Tuesday 12th May – Jack Bloor fell race

Report from Sarah Fuller: A small but perfectly formed bunch of mini black and whites travelled over for the jack bloor on July 12th. Some fantastic performances particularly from Will and the Brogden brothers. Erin and Skye weren’t impressed that they had now moved up an age category particularly Erin who had to run further and line up alongside all the U14’s as well as the U12’s but they held their own with the bigger kids. Some very impressive descending on display all round. Well done everyone. Full results

U14 – 9 ran

2nd William o neil 8:21


U12 – 28 ran

5th Jenson Brogden 8:53

18th jake powell 10:41

22nd Erin Fuller 11:02


U10’s – 36 ran

28th skye Fuller 5:07


U8’s – 23 ran

4th Aston Brogden 4:16

12th Adam Paget



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