Saturday 23rd May – Eton Sprint Triathlon

Saturday 23rd May – Eton Sprint Triathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

I don’t normally report on the qualifiers as the Eton Sprint triathlon on Saturday 23rd May was a qualifier for the world championships in Chicago in October but hopefully it will give hope to anyone with injury (remember the sad but true maxim of the two types of runner: those who are injured and those who are about to be injured!!). I missed the Ripon 10 because my back went again (seriously painful) however got advice, treatment and taped up ( does anyone know the magic of KT tape?) and made the start line pain free and limber again.

The venue was used for the Olympics so is fabulous the weather was perfect sunny, warm and calm. The swim I took steadily as I wanted to loosen up gradually and took my time getting out of the wet suit. Onto the bike and 4 laps of pretty much holding my place with a couple of gentle reminders that was enough effort for today. Transition into the run and a reasonable 21.36 for the 5K saw me overhaul 3 rivals and finish in 4th in my age group and thus qualify for Chicago.

Now working on the root cause of the problem (likely mega miles in the car) as it is hard enough to compete when you’re on top form let alone sub optimal.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 23rd May – Eton Sprint Triathlon

  1. Congratulations Howard , for your triathlon qualification for Chicago, your 21:36 for 5k done with you not being in great form is good. I am astonished that you can still be competitive at such level with a painful back like yours . Indeed you have got to find out quite soon what is the issue with your back injury , because it could ruin your plans for your racing during the year. Well done Howard , you deserved to qualify for the championship.

  2. Hope you sort your back out Howard, great result despite this little problem. And yes I know all about KT tape, it’s great.

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