Sunday 24th May: Melmerby 10k

Sunday 24th May: Melmerby 10k

Report from Scott:
After a successful john Carr series I was wanting to do a 10k road race while I still had the speed in my legs before the marathon training starts. I also wanted to enjoy a race without the pressure of chasing a pb as that has been my focus so far this year. Jamil parapia and I have spoken about melmerby before as he had done it a few years back. My family, some friends and I were camping nearby in North Yorkshire so I entered last thing. My race prep wasn’t ideal it consisted of drinking beer eating burgers and sleeping on a dodgy air bed!! Despite this on the morning of the race I felt confident of a positive result and on arrival it was nice to see a couple of fellow Otley runners, David fox and Emma Thompson. Speaking to a few familiar faces from rival clubs I was told there were some climbs mid race and at the latter stages also. My plan with that in mind was to hit the first half hard to try and establish a good lead and let the second half take care of itself as I know I am very strong on the hills when other people are tiring. The course was on open country roads that were mainly traffic free. We set off and there was a lead group of 4 of us and after a bit of jostling to 2km I managed to open a gap. I decided to push on to gain a good advantage and after a couple of climbs I could no longer hear them behind me. There was a nasty cross wind and being on my own it made it harder work but it didn’t affect me too much. Hitting 3 miles and checking my watch for the first time it read 16mins dead which was pleasing as I knew I had plenty in the tank. There was an out and back bit between 6 and 8km it was nice to see other runners coming the other way to give each other encouragement. Getting to 9km I read my watch again and I knew if I put a last surge in up the hill back into the village and to the finishing line I was going to run under 33 minutes and win the race. I gave it one last big effort and ran past my family and friends and I crossed the line first place in 32.57. I was delighted on 3 fronts, looking at previous years winning times I had ran an excellent time, secondly how strong I felt on the the latter stages of the race and lastly how quickly I recovered when finishing. A lot of this is down to the coaching I’ve received from Jamil and his and zacks guidance this year. Thinking back and if I’d approached the race differently a pb may have been on who knows? But I didn’t care about that I’d had a cracking run and that 10km pb will come!!! The race organisation and marshalling was excellent the only down side was the prize giving took forever as there was a computer glitch but these things happen it’s a race I’d recommend and may do again one year.

Other times were as follows: David Fox: 119th, 46:34. Emma Thompson: 244th, 58:43. There were 298 finishers in total.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 24th May: Melmerby 10k

  1. Good run Scott really good time on a tough circuit, maybe beer and burgers is the new race food!

  2. Excellent Run well done. Nice report too, reminds me a bit of Alf Tupper (Google it). He turned up late, ate questionable fare and always won!!

  3. Congratulations to Scott H. for winning the Melmerby 10k with 32:57 that is a great performance . This race used to be popular with Otley runners in the past, I ran this one more then 10 years ago and its course reminds me of the old Horsforth 10k route towards the airport and back. 46:34 of David F. is really a good result, also Emma T. ran well.

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