Monday 25th May: ilkley trail race

Monday 25th May: ilkley trail race

Report from Hannah: This is a race I’ve fancied having a go at for a few years, mainly because I’ve never been where the route goes and even though I’ve kept saying I’ll do it as training route it’s never happened.

So after being undecided for a couple of days, and with a bit of persuasion from Lisa Maughan I decided to enter. I also managed to get Gemma involved so we set off to meet Lisa in Ilkley to enter on the day, along with what felt like 500 people!

Gemma and I weren’t feeling our best, I’m a bit sore probably from over training and Gem had been celebrating Scott’s win the night before. So our approach was to have a nice run somewhere different and enjoy it.

A couple of years ago I watched a friend doing this race and he said it was tough, I just thought he was being soft, I now know what he meant. You set off and immediately hit a steep incline which then turns into the gorgeous bluebell filled woods continuing to climb up a field and on and on, for what feels like forever. Then you hit the moor which is my kind of undulating territory but still climbing. We eventually hit a bit of tarmac and Gemma was in her comfort zone picking up the pace before another slight climb and about two miles of downhill back to the finish.

We didn’t push ourselves too hard as we were chatting but the hills did manage to curtail our nattering at times and with the downhill we just let our legs go for it. Both happy to finish in about 1:10, I’ll definitely be back to give it another go now I know what I’m in for.

Well done to Jamil for a brilliant win, I understand no one else was near him.

Results aren’t out as yet so not sure where the others came, good turn out from Otley AC with the President, Andy Webster, Chris Tomlinson, Eriks, Nicola Lee and Antonio joining myself Gemma, Lisa and Jamil. Also, 2nd claims Tom Potter and Neil Jones were there. Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone and apologies if I have.

Thanks to Ilkley Harriers who were very friendly and supportive, see you next year!

4 thoughts on “Monday 25th May: ilkley trail race

  1. Well done everyone !! I wanted to do this race but i was on child duty and without family close to hand it becomes tricky sometimes.
    Here are the results i found from the Woodentops photos for my newspaper article last night:
    Winner Jamil Parapia in 41:15.
    Frst lady was Tanya Seager from Stainland Lions in 44:21.
    Also for Otley were:
    Steven Robinson in 50:44
    Andrew Webster in 55:52
    Matt Podd in 56:15
    Nicola Lee 58:09 (4 min improvement on last year)
    Chris Tomlinson in 59:54
    Eriks Zvaigzne in 1:00:09
    Lisa Maughan in 1:06:39
    Gemma Harrington in 1:10:36
    Hannah Lupton in 1:10:36
    Antonio Cardinale in 1:47:04

  2. This time I agree with Mark H. on the rich vein of form . Congratulations Jamil for this great victory with 41:15 is a superb achievement and the training is working indeed . I have seen the 400 meters white track in Menston where you do the speed work and I would say that you found a fantastic place for working , away from the traffic and parking as well. Mr Matt P. ran strongly with 56:15 and also Lisa M., Hannah L. , and Gemma H. ran well in this local trail race. Well done everyone.

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