Sunday 31st May – British Athletics European Mountain Trial

Sunday 31st May – British Athletics European Mountain Trial

Report from Frank Beresford:

Frank_BA_European_TrialAfter London Marathon I took a few easy weeks and have gradually built up my mileage to around 70 quality base miles, in preparation for my next main objective which is the Yorkshire Marathon. During these base miles I completed a few hills session on the Chevin which I enjoyed in preparation for the European Uphill Championships in Glenridding.

I came to the race feeling fresh and was really just looking to enjoy the 950 meters of ascent in the 10k course and race against a top field, which I did. The course was originally planned to be 7 miles long, however due to bad weather the course was shorted (thankfully). There were about 30 competitors but all top athletes who specialised in fell race.

The race unexpectedly started off much like a road race, fast. Having learnt my lesson from past races decided to just keep in the middle of the pack and not go off too fast. I pretty much stayed there for the entire race as the leader really did just fly off. The first 3 miles didn’t have a considerable amount of ascent in and I was pleased to clock a 4.50 minute mile in mile 3 (there was a slight decent). After mile 3 the real work began and the course was all uphill. My legs and lungs have never hurt like this before and combined with strong head wind and hail stone, it was hard. I battled through this and was pleased to pick off a few runners during the 3 mile ascent. When I arrived at the finish my legs were on fire and decided because of the weather to decent as soon as possible. I found the decent an enjoyable experience as the weather seemed to clear as soon as the race had finished, I was able to take in the impressive views and have a chat with some of the other runners.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and wished there were more uphill races like this. I am still unclear where I finished as results have not been published but I believe I finished about 13 which I am pleased about. Marathon training begins next Monday.

1st. Andrew Douglas, Inverclyde AC 47:37, 14th Frank 52:50, full results here.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 31st May – British Athletics European Mountain Trial

  1. Nice one Frank. You were in fast company there, and good to see the Otley vest making an outing in the fells.

  2. Nothing like a change – variety is the spice of life. The results are up on the FRA/ our site. Good effort amongst a class field.

  3. I agree with Matt P. and Graham as well , 26 runners but a class field indeed ,the best in the country , your 14th is good and 52: 50 is a significant result . Well done Frank .

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