Tuesday 2nd June – Thirsk Harrogate League Race 3

Tuesday 2nd June – Thirsk Harrogate League Race 3

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

Flat, fast & windy pretty much sums up race 3 of the season, the 2 lap race at Thirsk.  After the initial charge at the start, the head wind slowed the lead pack as no one seemed very keen to lead it out.  Scott was the first to crack, taking the initiative on the long opening track.  Turning left under the dual carriageway and now sheltered from the wind, the race up front really got started and I was doing my best to try and keep up with Tom. Round a couple of fields, under the dual carriageway again for the second lap and back along the long track into the wind.

Scott was Otley’s star of the night, finishing in 3rd, in 27:37.  Repeating his opening race win, Mike Burrett from Harrogate was first in 26:50 and 1st woman,17th overall was Jo Adams, Richmond, 30:45.

The rest of Otley’s finishers were 9th Tom Midgley 29:26,  13th myself 29:57,  83rd Tom Paget 34:05,  107th Chris Hosker 34:58,  122nd Garry Cochrane 35:26,  136th Chris Gilberthorpe 35:59,  138th Andy Webster 35:42,  144th Matt Podd 35:55,  148th Peter Gosling 36:06,  153rd Ian Broadbent 36:19,  156th Carl Walsh 36:23.  157th Chris Tomlinson 36:24,  165th Michael Pickard 36:50.

Continuing… 193rd Paul Clifford 37:52,  214th Eriks Zvaigzne 38:37,  220th Mary Hampshire 38:55,  233rd Billy Rayner 39:22,  248th Colin Best 39:56,  257th Philip Robinson 40:28,  271st Sue Tupling 41:25,  276th Joanna Hobson 41:38,  277th Tom Hannah 41:43,  286th Martin Weston 42:18,  306th Dominic Egan 44:20,  311th Emma Thomson 45:04.

Ps. Tom Lynch ran but is currently missing from v1 of the results, possibly, the unknown runner 1 place ahead of Tom Paget?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday 2nd June – Thirsk Harrogate League Race 3

  1. Haha, thanks Tom. Yeah I’ve emailed the league to ask, unfortunately I messed up my watch and missed the first 1k, so I can’t figure out where I am. |My last 7k were done in 29:07, so I think it’s probably under 33:00 mins. I came in next to someone wearing green, which is Ilkley I think, and I wasn’t far behind a female Ripon runner, I am going to take a guess on 56th place! Hopefully they find me in the results somewhere.

  2. The unknown runner in 82nd was my girlfriend – I’m sure Tom Paget will confirm she looks nothing like Tom Lynch

  3. Well done all those who ran this inspiring race for the club. A big turn out for Wetherby would be great – 17th June.

  4. Scott H. ran well with 27:37 that is fast .Also the President of our club had a strong performance with 35:55 that is not bad at all. Andrew R. with 29:57 had a super night almost flying . Mary H. too did well in Thirsk with 38:55 that is a good ran. Well done everyone .

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