Wednesday 3rd June – Chevin Fell Race

Wednesday 3rd June – Chevin Fell Race

Report from President Matt Podd:

Weather turned good for this on Wednesday night.

1. Jack Wood Ilkley 17.41
1. Claire Green P & B 21.18
18 Sam S 20.20
19 Jeremy S 20.21
26 Graham L 21.07
42 Andy Munt (sic) 21.46
51 Tom L 22.00
60 Tom Pomfrett 22.38
86 John D 24.51
98 Matt P 25.50
103 Nicola L 26.16
122 Billy 28.49
139 Sean O’Kalloran (sic) 35.00
145 Antonio 40.44

Good night out and lots of support. Special award to Matt, Tom and Billy who ran Harrogate league the night before.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 3rd June – Chevin Fell Race

  1. Billy with 28:49 had a good ran in this 3 miles race , also Andy M. with 21:46 had an excellent night. Mr President Matt P. did really well considering that he raced the day before and Graham L. loves this race like I do because I did the Chevin fell race every year since 2001. Well done everybody.

  2. I enjoyed watching this race and it was great to see everyone working hard to get to Surprise View. Special mention to Jeremy so soon after his half marathon PB, Tom L for consistent performances this spring, and Antonio for a great battle with his “nemesis” from Fellandale. Great fun watching you all.

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