May Runner of the Month

May Runner of the Month

The two runners of the month for May were Jamil Parapia for winning lots of races, 2 of the John Carr 5k’s along with the Ilkley Trail race and Emma Thomson for good runs at Melmerby and the first Harrogate League race after starting out with the absolute beginners group.  Well done both.

6 thoughts on “May Runner of the Month

  1. Wow! Thanks very much guys! Really enjoying running at the moment, and thanks Sean for introducing me to the club. I’ve been running for nearly a year now with the club (with no previous running experience) started at beginners and only just moved to main group few months ago.

  2. It is a fantastic year for Jamil for winning races , that is not a easy things to do at all , a great step forward to the top runners list of the district, well deserved indeed . Also Emma T. ran strongly. Well done you two.

  3. Thanks for the nomination and award and well done to Emma. I have had an enjoyable few weeks but the icing on the cake was Zack and Racheal’s wedding over the weekend. Would love to come down to the club more but it isn’t always possible at the moment. Nice to see so many people running well.

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