Saturday 6th June – Redcar Park Run

Saturday 6th June – Redcar Park Run

Report from Jamil Parapia: A bit strange to do a park run report but this was a very special occasion.
On the morning of Racheal and Zack’s wedding, the best man (me) and bridesmaid Claire Duck of Leeds City were invited (by the bride) to take part in the Redcar park run. We had all travelled to Staithes the night before and I was torn between getting totally smashed with Scott Harrington and Zack and doing the park run. Anyway after a few glasses of wine and some excellent chilli made by Mrs Whitehead and Gemma Harrington there was no turning back. Racheal had posted photographs of our “numbers” on Facebook meaning that we could not let her down now.
Off we sped on a very blustery day towards Redcar past the splendid vistas of the North Sea, approaching the not so splendid vista of Middlesborough’s ship yards on the horizon. The park in Redcar resembles something more like a botanical garden than a park. The windy course consists of 3 laps running over wooden bridges past fountains and neatly manicured flower beds. Some of the hairpin bends gave it a karting style feel. The perfect setting for a wedding park run. The best man took the early lead with the confident bride in close pursuit. The groom decided to rein in his over exuberant lady, instead acting as pacemaker ensuring that the female course record was firmly within her grasp. The bridesmaid slotted in just behind.
The best man won ,followed by a romantic hand in hand finish by the bride and groom. The bridesmaid had an excellent run finishing close behind. The congregation at Redcar park were very friendly allowing us to take several photos so a big thank you and a toast to them.
The wedding breakfast took place at ASDA cafe before copious amounts of Champagne.
Congratulations to Zack and Racheal who met at Otley AC!
bride and groom
1 Jamil PARAPIA 15:57 VM35-39 83.70 % M 1 Otley AC
2 James WILSON 16:40 VM35-39 79.10 % M 2 Loftus AC
3 Racheal BAMFORD 17:18 SW25-29 85.55 % F 1 Otley AC
4 Zack WHITEHEAD 17:19 SM30-34 74.69 % M 3 Skyrac AC
5 Claire DUCK 17:46 SW25-29 83.30 % F 2 Leeds City AC

3 thoughts on “Saturday 6th June – Redcar Park Run

  1. Huge Congratulations to Zack and Racheal for their wedding and indeed all the best for their future . Congratulations as well to Jamil P. for the splendid victory in 15:57 that is not bad at all. Also Claire D. ran strongly. Well done everyone.

  2. Brilliant! Redcar gets a bad press, so glad you enjoyed it. That course record could last a while.

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