Saturday 13th June: weets fell race

Saturday 13th June: weets fell race

Report from Liam Dunne:

Due to other commitments in life my training since London marathon has consisted of a couple of easy runs. Did I miss regular training? No! It’s been nice to have a break from it and get back to sinking pints and a bit of socialising.

The ‘Sam Stell Stag-do Team’ are heading up to the dales next Sat for the Buckden Pike fell race. I’m confident I can stay with the best of them in the drinking session afterwards but with recent fitness levels at an all time low I feel I’m going to be dragging up the rear at the Buckden Pike race.

I honestly can’t remember my last fell race and on Saturday morning I thought I’d pop over to Barnoldswick to the Weets fell race for a wee bit of training and a flavour of what’s to come next week. It was a late decision but there is no better way than a fell race to measure your level of fitness.

Despite the weather forecast predicting it to rain, it was actually dry and fairly warm during the race. Before the race I bumped into a few familiar faces including spectator Terry Lonergan of Complete Runner (who verbally abused me on the final descent!) and also spotted the fairly enthusiastic and energetic Dave McGuire of Wharfedale Harriers who had arrived on his bike from the Skipton Parkrun and was also spotted running the tough Kettlewell Anniversary fell race a couple of days previous!

Approximately 130 runners, mainly made up of the local Barlick and Clyton-le-Moors clubs, set off up the long steep narrow road and then onto the moors for a few long climbs and descents, all was fairly runable until the long climb at about mile three where I resorted to walking and was passed by lots of people more senior in age.

I struggled on to the end and finished just outside the top 30. I was really knackered but really enjoyed being back running on the fells and most importantly feel I’ve recaptured my desire to train again when I get time.

The winner of the race was Jimmy Craig (38.08) of Barlick FR, the first lady was Elizabeth Greenwood (46.17) who is only 16, finished in 27th overall. Full results and photos on

7 thoughts on “Saturday 13th June: weets fell race

  1. I think time off is vital, I’m enjoying running again after giving racing a break.
    On the other hand, you got beaten by a 16 y/o girl.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Graham but it doesn’t get any easier at my age. Oh, you think that’s humiliating? how about when you get passed in the last mile by a FV45…now that’s when it’s just not funny!

  3. I agree with Graham about ”time off is vital” it is good to have a break every year to let the body rest. I enjoyed to read your report and after all you ran well and about the 16 years old girl that was in front of you Elizabeth Greenwood is already an experienced runner and she is already running at the top of the field including the selection for England . Well done Liam.

  4. Ha! Flying Irishman! Sounds like your typical fell race Liam, well done for getting your mojo back, and Graham Lake I ran Trail v fell on ilkley moor a could of years ago finishing in a time I was happy about until a certain Mr R said “What took u so long and why did u finish BEHIND a Vet 70?” Now that’s humiliating!

  5. Aye, but think of the amount of prescription drugs V70s are on? Surely wouldn’t pass the WADA tests! :o)

  6. Thanks Antonio, words of wisdom and kindness as usual. Not sure about flying Caron but maybe you have just pipped me there in the humiliating stakes! Of course they could pass the WADA tests Graham….all they have to do is say they diddn’t hear the doorbell when the testers called around!

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