Wednesday 17th June – Harrogate League Sicklinghall

Wednesday 17th June – Harrogate League Sicklinghall

Dominic leaning into the hill!

After the pancake flat race at Thirsk it was back to the hills for last counting race hosted by Wetherby Runners. First for Otley was Ian Fisher was finishing second, 25:38, behind Harrogate’s Mike Burrett, 25:21. First Lady on the night was Pauline Munro from the host club in 28:53.

Next for Otley was 9th Tom Midgley in 27:48, 17th Andrew Robertshaw 28:54,  20th Graham Lake 29:21,  31st Shane Ewen 29:58,  91st Tom Paget 33:20,  103rd Chris Hosker 34:06,  112th Michael Pickard 34:28,  128th Garry Cochrane 34:28,  144th Ian Broadbent 36:05,  146th Peter Gosling 36:06,  150th Andy Webster 36:15,  155th Nicola Lee 36:25 (think the second Garry in v1 of the results is Nicola?),.

Continuing… 173rd Eriks Zvaigzne 37:15,  186th David Fox 38:05,  190th Sara Elliott 38:23,  213rd Matt Podd 39:13,  220th Dominic Egan 39:23,  221st Phil Robinson  39:26,  224th Liz Fawcett 39:36,  233rd Colin Best 39:58,  242nd Kirsty Pomfrett 40:20,  248th Billy Rayner 40:53,  276th Joanna Hobson 42:52,  310th David Cattanach 46:47,  322nd Toni Midgley 48:38,  334th Antonio Cardinale 51:40.

See more of Mr Hamer’s photo’s on the club facebook page here and Tom’s pre-race group photo here.  Full results on the Harrogate League website here.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 17th June – Harrogate League Sicklinghall

  1. Looked like Andrew had a good battle with Pauline from where I was! (I think Pauline’s time must be 28.53 btw)
    Really enjoyed this race, despite the positions being similar in previous races, I’ve definitely speeded up thanks to doing the HDSRL.

  2. Yes I am the 2nd Gary! HL are amending the results. Shame I missed the group photo – think I was in the loo queue! Well done everyone!

  3. Nicola L. with 36:25 had a powerful ran , not bad at all . We can say that Andrew R. is a complete runner because he runs everywhere ,on the fells , on the road , on the trail and else ,28:54 is fast . Also the new girl Kirsty P. with 40:20 ran really well. Ian F. with 25:38 was just awesome . Well done to everyone .

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