Sunday 21st June – Pudsey 10k

Sunday 21st June – Pudsey 10k

Report from Frank Beresford:

Frank_Pudsey10kPudsey 10k is a course which is both undulating and a combination of “light” trail and road. The weather was grey and the sky spat with light drizzles of rain, which is not to be expected in June!

I entered Pudsey 10k in its 25th Anniversary to test myself on tired legs. I came to the race with 70 miles in the legs form the previous 6 days of marathon training and my legs where not feeling too fresh, however when the race started most of the tightness in my legs seem to go. I started the race pretty fast and managed to have a clear lead after 1 mile into the race, Thereafter I descended into the woods and really did try and push myself on my own rather than relying on other runners to do the work for me. It was difficult to remain keep concentration through the trails but I was soon awoken by a few of the hills on the course! The last mile was on the road which I enjoyed, it felt good to actually get my legs moving on the open road for a change and I finished the race with a clear lead. I am unsure of my time, but I do know I was unable to obtain the machine, Ian Fisher’s record!

After the race I did 6 miles on tired legs for Yorkshire Marathon training, and enjoyed the Prize of the Cake that was given to all the prize winners.

Provisional results on the Pudsey pacers site here.  1st. Frank Beresford 35:08, 5th Robin Outtersides 37:37.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 21st June – Pudsey 10k

  1. Congratulations Frank, and good to see Robin Outtersides came in 5th place. Brilliant results for Otley AC.

  2. Nice one Frank, did this one last year and really enjoyed it. The hill at 3/4 distance is a doozy.

  3. Well done Frank and good time too Robin for that course. Don’t forget Ian’s times for all distances are awesome.

  4. Congratulations for the victory at the Pudsey 10k , 35:08 is fast indeed, I agree with Howard about ” Ian’s times for all the distances are awesome” but to win a race is a massive dream for any runner, well done indeed Frank . Also Robin O. had a strong day in Pusdey , and the 5th place is well deserved with 37:37. compliments to Robin too.

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