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Friday 31st July: Clun canter

report from Andy Webster:
Nothing like experiencing a local race while you are on holiday. The Clun Canter was 5.2 miles long. The route map was out but no mention of the climb! From last years results it appeared like 50 minutes would get me a reasonable place.

79 of us started at 7.30 PM. A rather pleasant 1/4 mile sprint was quickly followed by an 800 foot climb, over about 1.5 miles followed by a brief descent and a further 200 foot climb then a long descent through the forest and down fields.

Maintained a reasonable position throughout the race, overtaken by a few on the hills but regained most of the positions on the down hill. Finished 23/79 in 49:12. First place 36:20.

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Thursday 30th July: Ambleside sports fell race

Brief report from the lakes from Sean:

Whilst on holiday in the lakes, we stumbled upon the Ambleside Traditional Sports Event and I decided to enter the Fell Race. The race was a straight up and down route. A route which was 2 miles long and 800 feet of climbing in the first mile, including rock climbing at the top.

The winner was Mark Addison from Helm Hill in 13:59. First Lady was Catherine Spurden from Keswick AC in 17:36.

I have been doing very little running in recent weeks and not surprisingly I did not do very well in this race. I came second from last in 35:36 but really enjoyed myself. Would have come last but a lady fell and had a suspected broken leg and therefore recorded a DNF.

This was a great show and a great find. There was plenty to see and do for all the family, really recommend it. I now hope to get back to regular running.

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Sunday 26th July: Saltaire Shaker

Report from Zack:

After a six week layoff Local legend Scott Harrington finished 2nd in his first race back at the Saltair Shaker 15k, we’re not sure who won but he must of been an Olympian to hold off Scott’s blistering pace at the end, after we dropped him in the woods around half way and I though he gave up I was shocked and surprised to see him reappear with 2 miles to go. I came in a few seconds later to take 3rd and Mark Hall 5th.

It all got a bit hazy after that and everyone seemed to win a massive Toblarone apart from me but I am not bitter at all :-). Many Otley AC runners took part in the race so forgive me for not mentioning you all and we won the Team Prize. OAC were out in force for Billy’s Birthday with them wearing what looked like heavy performance hampering wind sales on their backs celebrating Billy’s big day.

This race made for a great alternative to the Sunday long run and was well organised, personally I would of liked to of seen an extra marshal on the first bridge mainly to send me the right way, I am partial to a good bit of marshalling. I will be attending again.

Results: Scott Harrington 55:00, Zack Whitehead third (55:04), Mark Hall fifth (56:44), Tom Midgley sixth (56:49) Robin Outtersides eighth (58:34).

Also for Otley were Eriks Zvaigzne (01:15:55) Sara Elliott (1:17:21), Garry Cochrane (1:17:22), Phil Robinson (1:21:08), Billy Rayner (1:21:11), Colin Best (1:21:31), Tom Hannah (1:24:24), Joanna Hobson (1:24:44), Lisa Maughan (1:27:43), Hannah Lupton (1:29:44) and Laura Hind (1:29:44).

Full results and more photos.



Sunday 26th July: Leeds Grammar Sprint Triathlon

Report from Howard:

I don’t normally report on the local sprint triathlons but I am going to make an exception in this case. (Why? You ask). Well I was using it as a fitness tester after the disastrous race in Geneva a couple of weeks ago. I had not shifted the cough and the Doc ( not a head Doctor but maybe should have been!) suggested rather than more antibiotics I go for an X ray. Yes I said but I am lined up to do the World Championships in September and I don’t want to leave anything to chance so please gimme some pills!! As luck would have it she also participates in triathlons so gave another course to help clear the last tenacious bit (I hope!).
I first did this race in 2011 when I had just started triathlon training and managed 1.25.56 . 1.21.31 in 2012, (2013 there was an RTA and the race turned into an aqualthon so time irrelevant) 1.20.33 last year. The weather again today was just about perfect temperature, rain held off and a bit of a breeze. I took to the water with a bit of trepidation and eased into the speed. A couple of anxious moments and a couple of seconds breather at the end a some of the lengths got me out in maybe 30 seconds slower than last year. Onto the bike again eased into the speed and the lungs felt they were working OK. 90 seconds faster than last year (Blimey!). Had what seemed like a solid run and then they print the results out as you finish. The run looked like 27.55 for 5.4K after a hard bike on undulating grassy tracks…. so OK-ish. I didn’t have my glasses ( it’s an age thing) so when I did see, it was actually 21.55 (Scorching!). Finish time today 1.18.42 Consistent training paying off and really pleased that I can still improve swim (albeit not today) and bike times. 24th out of 207 beat the other M60.s, M55’s and M50’s so I am declaring myself fit(ish) and what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…Right!


Saturday 25th July: Marmot 24 mountain marathon

Report from sarah fuller:

The marmot is a relatively new arrival on the mountain marathon scene with this year being only the second running of the event. There is 12 hour or 24 hour score courses on offer. All the checkpoints are worth 10 points so the strategy is a little different to usual score events (where you have different checkpoints worth different values) so route planning was tough. This years event was in the lowther hills in the southern uplands, I’d never been there before and what a fantastic discovery. Very like the howgills but without the people and totally unspoilt apart from some hideous towers on top of the highest point and the nutters running around with maps of course!

For once I had my sensible hat on, I was still pretty fatigued and had been suffering with a cold in the week before the race so was leaning towards doing the shorter race (if 12 hours can ever be deemed short!). The race format is such that you can decide on the day and even after you start which length you do. I planned a route that I felt was a good 12 circuit but passed back through the even centre this gave me the option of stopping at 12 or refuelling and heading back out for the second half. Given the event centre was in the middle of the map and a figure of 8 course was a good choice this made sense whichever course you did.

We were set off at midday in glorious sunshine and immediately teams scattered in all directions. Most people ran in pairs but solo entries were accepted from experienced runners. Since I failed to find anyone mad enough to join me I was Billy no mates for the weekend which was a little terrifying but once into the swing of it I really enjoyed the isolation. I rarely saw other teams as it was such a huge area but when I did everyone stopped for a quick chat and comparison of strategy! Read the rest of this entry »


Thursday 23rd July – Thruscross Handicap

On a cool but sunny evening Laura Clark was a clear winner ahead of Laura Martin. Tom Lynch the fastest on the night moving through from scratch to finish third.  Tom also moved to the top of the table on 112.5 points ahead of Dominic (106) and Chris Tomlinson (103).  See the full table here.

Pos Time H’Cap Net Time Points
1 Laura Clark 00:58:07 00:19:00 00:39:07 15
2 Laura Martin 00:59:01 00:19:00 00:40:01 14
3 Tom Lynch 00:59:17 00:23:00 00:36:17 13
4 Tom Paget 00:59:43 00:22:00 00:37:43 12
5 John Armitstead 00:59:49 00:21:00 00:38:49 11
6 John Dade 01:00:02 00:18:00 00:42:02 10
7 Andy Webster 01:00:12 00:18:00 00:42:12 9
8 Tom Hannah 01:00:51 00:11:00 00:49:51 8
9 Phil Robinson 01:01:00 00:12:00 00:49:00 7
10 Dominic Egan 01:01:35 00:15:00 00:46:35 6
11 Ian Broadbent 01:01:57 00:18:00 00:43:57 5
12 Eriks Zvaigzne 01:02:11 00:16:00 00:46:11 4
13 Antonio Cardinale 01:05:35 00:00:00 01:05:35 3
14 Matt Podd 01:06:27 00:18:00 00:48:27 2
15 David Cattanach 01:08:20 00:05:00 01:03:20 1


Wednesday 22nd July: golden acre relays

Report from Graham Lake:

There were a number of teams in action. Results here:

I teamed up with Shane and our friend Colin of Hyde Park Harriers for this fast and furious relay. We had a great battle with Chapel Allerton, each leg within a few seconds of each other. It was perfect running weather, dry, sunny but cool, the only issue being the low sun through the trees making spotting the tree roots tricky. Some great running by Otley bods and others. Tom Adams of Ilkley ran an incredible time to beat the men’s lap record, but could only finished 2nd to Leeds City.

1 12 Leeds City AC Men Men’s Open Chris Smith 15:12 Tom Edwards 14:27 Adam Osborne 14:50 44:29

10 125 Otley Cheetahs Men’s Open Liam Dunne 15:51 Mark Hall 16:35 Tom Midgley 15:43 48:09
18 35 The Wedding Belles Men’s Open Colin Tranter 16:58 Graham Lake 16:21 Shane Ewen 16:51 50:10
35 129 Otley Panthers Men’s Open Julian Mawson 16:10 Christian Hosker 18:29 Aidy Winrow 19:11 53:50
46 28 Otley AC Vets & Youngster Men’s Open Tom Lynch 17:34 Steve Robinson 17:34 Andy Webster 19:41 54:49
90 126 Otley Gazelles Mixed Stephen Small 19:44 Kirsty Pomfrett 21:04 Phil Robinson 22:08 1:02:56
109 128 Otley Tigers Mixed Sara Elliott 20:53 Sue Tupling 23:22 Billy Rayner 22:17 1:06:32
125 127 Otley Badgers Ladies Vets Sara Richard 23:50 Joanna Hobson 23:49 Hannah Lupton 23:52 1:11:31

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Saturday 18th July: Park Runs

Wimbledon Common parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Tom CONLON Herne Hill Harriers 00:17:07
5 5 Thomas MIDGLEY Otley AC 00:17:29
6 1 Melanie WILKINS Belgrave Harriers 00:17:32
356 114 Toni Midgley Otley AC 00:32:03


Woodhouse Moor parkrun


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Andrew MAY Valley Striders AC 00:17:10
47 1 Kelsey ERICKSON Unattached 00:20:53
206 51 Imogen Webster Otley AC 00:28:04
208 52 Alice WEBSTER Otley AC 00:28:13
209 157 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:28:14


Bromley parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Roger VILARDELL Unattached 00:16:57
55 1 Zoe WATKINS Unattached 00:20:53
90 88 James KETTLEBOROUGH Otley AC 00:22:07


Sewerby parkrun

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Owen WILLIAMS Lothian RC 00:18:58
4 1 Jo WILLIAMS Lothian RC 00:20:04
18 16 Stephen SMALL Otley AC 00:22:34


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Happy Summer Holidays!

Training sessions are done until September 7th. Enjoy your summer off from the regular stuff but that’s no reason to stop running! Let us know if you do any races and it will go on the website (whenever wifi is available 😐 )

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June Juniors of the Month

Congratulations go to Ben and Emily Bray who both completed Cancer Research’s Race for Life in Bradford this month. Running for a worthy cause. Here’s to more races in the future 🙂

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