Sunday 5th July: Eccup 10

Sunday 5th July: Eccup 10

Report from Howard:

The Eccup 10 is a popular race even though usually blistering hot and quite undulating. This year they said a couple of hills had been omitted so it would be easier…yeh right! Overcast today so not the usual heat beating back off the tarmac, still warm in places especially round the reservoir but some shady bits after that. Today I wanted to have a steady push and hoped to do around 70 minutes. Probably overdid the bike and parkrun on Saturday so felt a little bit flat despite making 7 minute mile pace to 5 miles. Fellow M60 Jim Weldon hitched a tow to 8 miles and I had not been able to shake him off despite some surges. The overall rate was dropping too as the heat and hills took their toll. I was still pretty confident of a solid last mile and a strong finish to be able to stay ahead of Jim. Sure enough a nice downhill stretch from 9 miles saw some daylight appear and although the last half mile felt really tough and it had been a real race for me. I pulled twenty seconds ahead, to finish in 1.12.43, hung around for the results and was rewarded with first M60. The race was won by Chris Smith of Leeds City in 56.37, first lady Laura Dransfield of Roundhay Runners in 1.05.38 44th place.

Fellow Otley ACians: Robin Outtersides 6th 0:59:28, Jeremy Stewart 14th 1:00:45, Steven Robinson 111th. 1:10:31, Howard Jeffrey 145th 1:12:43, Andy Webster 205th 1:16:54, Tom Hannah 486th1:30:49, Sara Richard 527th 1:33:51 All chip times 726 finished.

2 thoughts on “Sunday 5th July: Eccup 10

  1. ah the Eccup 10! I’ve had one of my best and one of my worst races over this course – even beat Mick once!
    Some very good times here – good work Robin. Well done everyone.

  2. Also me like our President Matt P. I have done this race several times with very different results. Howard J. with 1:12 was just outstanding . Robin O. 6th is really a performance and Jeremy S. 1 hour is not bad at all . Also Andy W. with 1:16 did a strong ran, Tom H. with 1:30 ran well at this Eccup 10 that he run this race several times too. Well done everyone.

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