Report from Phil Robinson:

Most of the races I do these days seem like exercises in history. This low-key event in Lanzarote involves a 2.5k run, approx 15k bike leg including 5k climb up to Tinajo, then back to the stadium for repeat 2.5k run. From first visiting ClubLaSanta in 1998 I’ve done it 16 times solo plus twice as part of a team of two. My previous solo times as follows: 58.27, 56.14, 55.49, 57.16, 56.41, 57.39, 56.13, 56.54, 54.59, 55.57, 54.59, 60.50 (that was the year I had back surgery), 57.05, 57.56, 57.37; so I was pleased this time to record 58.03 even though placed 30th out of 35 finishers. The club’s owners are Danish, and since the Danish School holidays have started already there were loads of blond-haired teenagers. One of them whose age was given as “u14” took third place in this duathlon behind two serious triathletes, over 9 minutes quicker than me. His father – who is the same age as my son (!) – won the 5k race a couple of days before.

2 thoughts on “Monday 6th July – LASANTA MINI-DUATHLON

  1. That is what young age does for you Phil , fresh energy ,powerful and endless stamina, it makes all the difference in the world . I can see it myself from when I was 55 and I used to do almost 100 races every year, now in these last 11 year I am getting slower and then slower with just few races every year just trying not to be the last one. About your previous times I would say that they are consistency at its best and I understand why you are pleased because 58:03 is a great time to achieve indeed . Well done Phil.

  2. Very impressive Phil, you may be getting slower but you’re still quicker than I’d be.

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