Sunday 12th July – Leeds 10k

Sunday 12th July – Leeds 10k

Report from Jamil Parapia:

With summer holidays on the horizon and a chance to relax, the Run For All Leeds 10k represents (for teachers) a well timed race to finish the year. Zack, Nicky Lee and I decided to enter again with the prime goal of lowering our times from last year. Club handicap champion Nicky has been training really well and has made excellent progress over the past 12 months as the running bug has well and truly got hold of her. Zack, is also coming back into consistent form following his injury late last year. In 2014 the event took place is warm and humid conditions but runners on Sunday were treated to a slightly more favourable climate. Nevertheless the summer warmth still claimed a few victims at the finish as people collapsed over the line.

The course is similar to the Abbey Dash albeit with a few more corners and some imaginative detours to make the distance 10k. Sadly and for reasons I can’t explain the Leeds 10k doesn’t attract the same depth of quality as the Abbey Dash. Perhaps it is more to do with tradition or the fact that actually Leeds City centre in the summer is not the best place to race. Nevertheless, the support along the route was incredible and it was lovely to see Scott and his family cheering us on.

My troublesome achilles raised it’s ugly head earlier in the week and I was a bit down at the prospect of pulling out. However, a date with Mark Hall and his magic hands eased the tension in the calf and I was able to run pain free. Thanks Mark although I don’t have an excuse now for not running a pb!

I decided to go out and try and win and found myself leading out a small group that included local runner Phil Tedd and Kevin Loundes from the Isle of Man. Phil had beaten me at the Horsforth 10k last year so finishing ahead of him was a nice scalp. Kevin won, I was second and Phil third. Pleasingly Zack, Nicola and I all improved our times from last year by 28 secs, 3 min 46secs and 1 min 26 secs respectively. Nicky achieved yet another personal best so congratulations to her. Job done. Time for a visit to France.

Eriks Zvaigzne also ran for Otley although it was hard to spot people amongst the thousands.
Gemma Harrington paced her sister round the course.


1 Kevin Loundes Manx Harriers 31:33

2 Jamil Parapia Otley AC 31:53

3 Phillip Tedd Thames Hare & Hounds 32:31

8 Zack Whitehead Otley AC 34:04

53 Leila Armoush Charnwood AC 36:59 (1st female)

618 Nicola Lee Otley AC 45:37 pb

801 Eriks Zvaigzne Otley AC 47:14

5 thoughts on “Sunday 12th July – Leeds 10k

  1. Good running Jamil, enjoy the holidays. Ah yes, the elusive Phil Tedd, rarely races but he’s hot – doesn’t he teach at Apperly Bridge.
    Well done all especially Nicola for a good PB

  2. That’s quick Jamil.
    Well done everyone, I’m gonna have another crack at a 10k in the autumn.

  3. A super report and a superb race by Jamil P. 31:53 got the 2 place for you , out of thousands of runners is a great result , like a victory if you consider your achilles tendon, taken care by Mark H. Compliments to Nicola L. for her PB. got with 45:37 that is fast indeed , also Zack W. with 34: 04 ran strongly with a lovely 8th place. Ericks Z. ran well too with 47:14. Well done everyone.

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