Saturday 18th July: podium 10k

Saturday 18th July: podium 10k

Report from frank:

With a month of marathon training for the Yorkshire Marathon training, which has consisted of a programme of just running pure mileage with only one tempo run a week, I came to the Podium 10k dubious of the speed that would be in my legs for a 10k and slightly jaded from running a 94 mile week the week before the race.

The Podium 10k is in Nelson and is 9 and half laps round a tarmac cycle track. It is not a scenic route, but it was flat as a pancake and a perfect course for someone chasing a PB even with a strong head wind on part of the course. To enter the race all runners had to be sub 34 minute runner, so I was looking forward to racing against some top runners from the North.

The first two miles where fast. I decided to give it my all of the entire race and by the 5 kilometer I was beginning to think that maybe I had gone off too fast but the past weeks of dragging myself on numerous double runs and long runs had given my legs the ability to just keep going, so I did. I stuck in with a group of lads during the last 3k and finished in 31 minutes and 30 seconds which is over a minute improvement in my 10k time which was a big surprise to be honest. I was even more pleased to see that my last kilometer was also my fastest, which showed I have some kick in my legs even after 9 kilometers at speed. After the race I enjoyed my cool down trading training techniques with fellow runners, it always surprises me how each body adapt to training differently.

I came away from the event feeling confident that my marathon training is working and even more excited at the prospect of the Yorkshire marathon. My next race will be the great north half marathon, but before this I have a fair few weeks of tough training which are hopefully made easier by the better weather!

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  1. Ditto to Howard comments, 3rd I think, Jamil 31:24, 2007, sounds like it’s almost a track race, must be hard to keep focused. Top run Frank

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