Sunday 26th July: Leeds Grammar Sprint Triathlon

Sunday 26th July: Leeds Grammar Sprint Triathlon

Report from Howard:

I don’t normally report on the local sprint triathlons but I am going to make an exception in this case. (Why? You ask). Well I was using it as a fitness tester after the disastrous race in Geneva a couple of weeks ago. I had not shifted the cough and the Doc ( not a head Doctor but maybe should have been!) suggested rather than more antibiotics I go for an X ray. Yes I said but I am lined up to do the World Championships in September and I don’t want to leave anything to chance so please gimme some pills!! As luck would have it she also participates in triathlons so gave another course to help clear the last tenacious bit (I hope!).
I first did this race in 2011 when I had just started triathlon training and managed 1.25.56 . 1.21.31 in 2012, (2013 there was an RTA and the race turned into an aqualthon so time irrelevant) 1.20.33 last year. The weather again today was just about perfect temperature, rain held off and a bit of a breeze. I took to the water with a bit of trepidation and eased into the speed. A couple of anxious moments and a couple of seconds breather at the end a some of the lengths got me out in maybe 30 seconds slower than last year. Onto the bike again eased into the speed and the lungs felt they were working OK. 90 seconds faster than last year (Blimey!). Had what seemed like a solid run and then they print the results out as you finish. The run looked like 27.55 for 5.4K after a hard bike on undulating grassy tracks…. so OK-ish. I didn’t have my glasses ( it’s an age thing) so when I did see, it was actually 21.55 (Scorching!). Finish time today 1.18.42 Consistent training paying off and really pleased that I can still improve swim (albeit not today) and bike times. 24th out of 207 beat the other M60.s, M55’s and M50’s so I am declaring myself fit(ish) and what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger…Right!

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  1. 24th out of 207 …you are made of steel Howard, and you are not well really otherwise maybe you would be 20th out of 207. Some years back I used to have a cough like yours that just would not leave me alone for weeks on end , it was a terrible time , but to be honest your sounds worse then mine , look after your health Howard. Your finishing time of 1:18 is really good indeed . Well done .

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