Sunday 26th July: Saltaire Shaker

Sunday 26th July: Saltaire Shaker

Report from Zack:

After a six week layoff Local legend Scott Harrington finished 2nd in his first race back at the Saltair Shaker 15k, we’re not sure who won but he must of been an Olympian to hold off Scott’s blistering pace at the end, after we dropped him in the woods around half way and I though he gave up I was shocked and surprised to see him reappear with 2 miles to go. I came in a few seconds later to take 3rd and Mark Hall 5th.

It all got a bit hazy after that and everyone seemed to win a massive Toblarone apart from me but I am not bitter at all :-). Many Otley AC runners took part in the race so forgive me for not mentioning you all and we won the Team Prize. OAC were out in force for Billy’s Birthday with them wearing what looked like heavy performance hampering wind sales on their backs celebrating Billy’s big day.

This race made for a great alternative to the Sunday long run and was well organised, personally I would of liked to of seen an extra marshal on the first bridge mainly to send me the right way, I am partial to a good bit of marshalling. I will be attending again.

Results: Scott Harrington 55:00, Zack Whitehead third (55:04), Mark Hall fifth (56:44), Tom Midgley sixth (56:49) Robin Outtersides eighth (58:34).

Also for Otley were Eriks Zvaigzne (01:15:55) Sara Elliott (1:17:21), Garry Cochrane (1:17:22), Phil Robinson (1:21:08), Billy Rayner (1:21:11), Colin Best (1:21:31), Tom Hannah (1:24:24), Joanna Hobson (1:24:44), Lisa Maughan (1:27:43), Hannah Lupton (1:29:44) and Laura Hind (1:29:44).

Full results and more photos.


9 thoughts on “Sunday 26th July: Saltaire Shaker

  1. Could you please add me to the results with a time of 1:15:55 finishing 71st. I was one of the lucky Toblarone winners for some reason.

  2. Congratulations to Billy for reaching 50 and well done to everyone that shared his celebration race, winning tem prise as well.

  3. This was a great race and a lovely way to celebrate Billy’s 50th Birthday with a fantastic turnout from Otley AC. Not only did the boys win the overall team prize, Scott was 1st male 35, Mark 1st male 55, Phil was 1st male 70, Zack was 2nd male open, Robin was 2nd male 35, Eriks was 2nd male 60 and I was 2nd female 55! So excellent results all round.

  4. Happy Birthday to Billy for his 50th and all the best for his future running with Otley AC. Good running by Hannah L. and Laura H. that with 1:29 enjoyed this race together. I did this 15k last year and it is just a pleasure to run along the canal , also Mark H had a powerful performance with 56:44. Well done to all the club members who ran this beautiful 15k.

  5. Great day out for Billy’s birthday. Thanks to everyone who agreed to wear the signs I’d made, I don’t believe they hampered anyone’s race which is good news. I felt like the course was hard work, mainly as its so flat and maybe because it was my 3rd race in 10 days, so thanks to Laura for her encouragement. It was great to see the fast lads come tearing back along the canal as we were still battling up it. Lifts your spirits to see the club doing so well in a race.

  6. Oh and Joanna, you are on fire! Whatever your secret is at the mo can you please share it with me x

  7. It was really enjoyable to meet so many OAC members. I don’t get to club nights too often so have to admit I don’t really know many of the ladies but was really nice to say hello at the Golden Acre and the Shaker, all so friendly and thanks for the encouragement on the run in, really helped.

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