Friday 31st July: Clun canter

Friday 31st July: Clun canter

report from andy Webster:
Nothing like experiencing a local race while you are on holiday. The Clun Canter was 5.2 miles long. The route map was out but no mention of the climb! From last years results it appeared like 50 minutes would get me a reasonable place.

79 of us started at 7.30 PM. A rather pleasant 1/4 mile sprint was quickly followed by an 800 foot climb, over about 1.5 miles followed by a brief descent and a further 200 foot climb then a long descent through the forest and down fields.

Maintained a reasonable position throughout the race, overtaken by a few on the hills but regained most of the positions on the down hill. Finished 23/79 in 49:12. First place 36:20.

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