Sunday 2nd August: York 10k

Sunday 2nd August: York 10k

Form Howard Jeffrey: On Saturday’s I cycle up to Wetherby and back with a brisk park run in between. It is a good workout for duathlon training but not great for racing on the Sunday. Even when you try and control the pace it is always tempting to catch the person in front. I sort of aim for 22.30’s at the parkrun at Wetherby which is a twisty turny affair on grass around playing fields so although pancake flat is a bit of a test. I was hoping to maintain the pace for the 10K on Sunday to get under 45 minutes. The run is a Jane Tomlinson Run for all charity event sponsored by Asda which is pretty popular and very well organised with timed starting pens which are well respected; (although I did overtake a Rhinoceros at 1K!) The start and finish is at the Knavesmire race course and there are tents and distractions for charities etc and there is a happy atmosphere with fancy dress and all levels of ability.
The weather turned out to be perfect again as it was windless with a touch of drizzle which stopped when the race started and the temperature around 14 degrees. The announcer rattled on amiably for an hour before the start time and then Harry Gration said a few words. He was not running (although he generally does) so his words were well received. Then off across the timing mat which took me 30 seconds to get to and some at the back more than 10 minutes as there were 5128 finishers. The route goes in and around the streets of York which was closed for traffic, so was nice and scenic although not particularly fast. The sun and the crowds came out and there was a general enthusiastic buzz about the whole thing. The competitive race was won by Steve Robinson of Peterborough AC in 32.57 and first lady Michelle Nolan of Gateshead Harriers AC 33rd in 36.42. Not sure my breathing is yet up to par but I was pleased with 406th place in 43.52 which felt like hard work all the way but was within a minute of the first o/60 and 5/126 in that category. Fellow Otlians 541st Cadan Hoare in 45.07, Eriks Zvaigzne 896th and 10/126 in 48.24 and Melvin Hoare 1000th in 49.27 (all chip times).

‘Special’ invite to do the ALL NEW Plusnet Yorkshire 10Mile for ONLY £25! Is it me or does that seem a lot? I remember when you could have a night out and still have change from a shilling bla bla bla!!

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  1. I agree with you Howard , 25 pounds for a race it is far too much, I think it will come a time when the race organizer will have to strike a balance between giving money to charity and as well the needs of runners, like some years ago I did the Harewood 10k, and I paid 10 pounds and at the and I expected the usual goody bag or bottle of beer or t shirt ,and they did gave me nothing ,I asked why ,and they told me that all the money went to charity, I told them that all right to give the money to charity , but also the runner has to have something back, and I told them that I did not agree on what they were doing, on my opinion they were too exaggerate on one side. Well done Howard ,43:52 is good, also good running to all the other club members who did the York 10k.

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