Sunday 9th August – Askern 10 mile

Sunday 9th August – Askern 10 mile

Report from Mark Hall:

I drove down to South Yorkshire to run in this well established race. I have competed in this event many times and it never gets any easier. It uses a tough circuit with 3 hills in the second half. Today was made difficult by the very hot temperature. The cloud cover disappeared 5 minutes before the start and reappeared 10 minutes after the finish, making for a very hard race.

I was the only OAC runner. In the early 2000s this event was popular with OAC members, not sure why it is no longer. I remember winning the team prize with Julian and Ian in 2002. The event is well organised with an impressive prize list going down to 15th place as well as 3 prizes in each age category all for £8. A very recent event I did was the same price and gave a Toblerone as a prize!

The first half of my race went ok, however, the second half was a case of trying to hold on to a reasonable pace, (which I didn’t)

This race is not a PB course but it is really well organised, friendly with an extensive prize list and certainly worth doing.

Winner Carl Ryde, Doncaster 54.56,  462 finishers,  11th place, 1st V55, 59.17, full results here.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 9th August – Askern 10 mile

  1. Top running Mark, 2 minutes off the club 55 record, previously held by a certain Eric Smith

  2. Thanks Andrew. I was pleased to record a new club record but also a little sad to erase Eric’s name from the list. I did not know Eric but do remember him shouting encouragement at races and of course he was a fine runner.

  3. I agree fully with Andrew R. about the top running . Congratulations to Mark H. for the fantastic club record, previously held by the International runner Eric S. Yes Mark you are right there the Askern 10 miles used to be very popular with the Otley AC runners , I ran this race few times several years ago and I do not know the reason why nowadays we do not ran this tough race anymore . Your 59:38 on such a hard course is a great achievement.

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