Wednesday 12th August – York Millennium Bridge 5k

Wednesday 12th August – York Millennium Bridge 5k

Report from Jamil Parapia:

Zack and I decided to enter this annual 5k in York. The course is very flat albeit with a few sharp turns and a duck or two to avoid so the race represents a good opportunity to run a fast time. I led the race for much of it but was out sprinted by a younger gazelle losing out by 4 seconds. However I was pleased to record a new pb (quick look at the Garmin to check the distance!) finishing 2nd in 15.18. Zack followed in 12th place in a time of 16.29. I am returning to Kenya this week to check on the progress of Jackson Biwott who is taking part in the Yorkshire Marathon in October (subject to visa). More information on that when I have it.

It was also nice to see future Otley star Jenson Brogden taking part in the 2.5k race in York last night finishing 12th in 10.24.

Main race

1. Jack Robertson Scarborough 15.14pb,  2. Jamil Parapia Otley 15.18pb,  12. Zack Whitehead 16.29,  1st lady Sharon Barlow Ripon 17.06,  see full set of results here.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday 12th August – York Millennium Bridge 5k

  1. Congratulations to Jamil P. for the fantastic new PB. in 15:18 that I would say that is almost like to win the race , it is fast indeed I think it is about 20 km for hour , a great performance. Also Zack W. ran well with 16:29. and Jenson B. with 10:24 had a solid ran on the distance of 2.5k that is not bad at all.

  2. Well done Jamil and Zack! Glad u didn’t hit a flying duck-mind u, it could be young Jensen passing u in the not so distant future! Nice one Jensen

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