Saturday 22nd August – Burnsall 10 & Classic Fell Races

Saturday 22nd August – Burnsall 10 & Classic Fell Races

Otley's favourite One Direction tribute act: Julian, Graham, Shane and Eriks.
Otley’s favourite One Direction tribute act: Julian, Graham, Shane and Eriks.

10 Mile Road Race: 1st Ian Holmes, Bingley H. 56:01,  13th Hannah Oldroyd, UKNetrunner 1:04:18,  5th Julian Mawson 59:30,  63rd Andy Webster 1:20:54,  64th Matt Podd 1:21:02,  66th Sara Elliott 1:21:17,  75th Eriks Zvaigzne 1:23:54,  91st Billy Rayner 1:33:04,  99th Ged Peacock 1:35:44,  116th Antonio Cardinale 1:56:00.

Fell Race: 1st Sam Tosh, U/A, 14:49,  15th Mel Price, Mercia 19:00,  27th Graham Lake 19:15,  46th Shane Ewen 20:31,  122nd Caron Ralph 27:17,  130th Richard Hamer 29:00.

More photos on the club Flickr site here and woodentops here.

15 thoughts on “Saturday 22nd August – Burnsall 10 & Classic Fell Races

  1. Think my time’s wrong. I clocked 1:31:04. If it was a few seconds out I could understand it but not 2 mins!

  2. A very good run by Julian, But the star of the show has to be Ian Holmes – 1st in the road race and 8th in the fell. Great races and lovely to see lots of OAC out waving the vest. I had to give Richard presidential dispensation as he was trying to use forgetting to bring his vest as an excuse not to run!
    This is a great Dales day out, Sally and I won two bottles of wine on the tombola, makes up for my slow time.

  3. Well done to all, great time Julian and a mention to Antonio who did brilliantly in this tough ten mile race.

  4. You are too kind Howard , it is indeed a tough ten miles , some years ago I used to ran this race around 1:20, I do not know what is wrong with me , I am getting slower and slower and I am only 66 years old . Sara E. had a super performance in 1:21 that is really good considering as well that it was a hot and muggy afternoon. Also Julian M. had an excellent day in Burnsall with 59:30 that is fast and is a good result. Well done everybody.

  5. I agree with President Matt P. about the superstar of Ian Holmes , he is just a legend . But what about our Graham who actually overtook Ian on the climb , just a dream coming through for every fell runner , Graham deserve a medal for this achievement and his 19:15 is splendid . Also Caron R. had a superb day with 27:17 that is powerful racing in such quality field. Well done everyone.

  6. Well done to all OAC runners and good to see Julian under the hour. Antonio you are still competing and runnig well, as we get older we all slow down, you just have to adjust your expectations, just keep pinning the number on your vest.

  7. Lack of running vest excuse #1: Where’s Jack when you need a new vest? On holiday – again!

    Well done everyone, a really great day out. Just a shame that Billy’s such a bad loser ;-))

  8. Thank you Mark for the positive comments , much appreciated . Also my simpaty goes to Billy R. for the missing two minutes , and he is right about it ,because it makes a difference in somebody’s performance, I would contact the race’s organizer about it by email , like I did few years ago and it was just a typing mistake.

  9. Not at all Shane , you are a great tribute act as well , you have been performing at high level all year round and your 20:31 at the Burnsall fell race is a good tribute act. Just the same for Graham and Eriks .

  10. Superb effort from all Black and Whites! Billy..,trust your watch! Great to see Julian running again.

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