Monday 31st August – Glendale Fell Show Race

Monday 31st August – Glendale Fell Show Race

Colin Best update from up North: This was a small (very small) fell race of about 5 miles 900ft climb from Glendale Show Wooler. With only 22 entrants I knew it was to be a lonely run.There was a downhill start and by the time the climb started I was already near the back. Once the climb started I did manage to overtake one lady and near the top passed the only competitor older than me.On the descent though my joy was short lived as was over taken and despite my best efforts take was it.

Shame not more entrants, weather was good and route dry with as many marshals as competitors.
Results show an alarming gap between yours truely and the winner.
1st Carl Avery NFR 29.50
1st lady Pam Brown Woller 45.06
19th Colin Best Otley 49.05
22 runners
Full results

4 thoughts on “Monday 31st August – Glendale Fell Show Race

  1. Welcome to my world Colin , usually my time is always in these last few years at least twice as the winner’s race. I would say that your 49 :05 is good , considering as well that a small field of competitors does not help to achieve a strong performance . Well ran Colin .

  2. A bit of a ‘catch’ and a ‘weigh’ to go to catch the winner Colin. It is not how you do but whether you do that counts.

  3. You have to be ‘in it to win it’ Colin, so I say well done. Looks a good race to tick off some time.

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