Sunday 6th September: Middlesborough Tees Pride 10k

Sunday 6th September: Middlesborough Tees Pride 10k

Report from Jamil

Zack, Nicky and I decided to venture up to the north east for this well attended 10k. The course is slightly undulating but with the potential to run a fast time. Zack and I both recorded our fastest 10k times of the year, indeed for Zack it was his 2nd fastest time ever over the distance. Nicky ran well too as she prepares for her first half marathon in two weeks. The event was certainly a jolly affair with a live rock band and various musicians dotted along the course. I certainly recommend the event if not for the race but to witness the longest row of portaloos I have ever seen. One was spoilt for choice.

1st Tadele Mulugeta 30.36
4th Jamil Parapia 31.37
7th Alyson Dixon 32.17 (1st female)
14th Zack Whitehead 33.13
434 Nicola Lee 46.23 (11th FV35)

In total there were over 2000 runners.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 6th September: Middlesborough Tees Pride 10k

  1. Agree the race was worth the trip. Well done to Zack and Jamil. I actually came 434rd, but 11th F35 sounds better doesn’t it!

  2. 31:37 is fast , really fast , it is an awesome time Jamil that few runners in this district can achieve , and the 4th position with 2000 runners is a boost for you to win the next Eric S. 3000 meters this Thursday . Also Zack W. and Nicola L. ran well in this Middlesborough 10k.

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