Sunday 13th September – Hull Marathon

Sunday 13th September – Hull Marathon

Report from El Presidenti, Mr Podd:

On a warm, still September Sunday I got up early and drove to Hull to run in the Marathon. Arrived nice and early and had a steady warm up, meeting my mate Paul at the start. So off we went out east, both saying that we’d started off too fast. After about 8 miles Paul got ahead and was gone, I trudged on and slowed down through a rough patch, however things improved and the bit over the bridge (I even passed Paul, but he was suffering with a hip injury – that’s what you get if your trying for the 100 marathon club) and back was really good. In fell and off road races you don’t get much of a chance to look at the view – you’re just watching your footing, but it was a lovely day and the views off the bridge were great. Then back into Hull via Hessle and the docks, gradually getting slower and fighting cramp to finish. I was so happy to finish I gave my medal to a toddler. Makes a change for me – this is only the third road marathon I’ve done and the first flat one – the only climbs were onto the bridge at either end.

Matt Jones U/A 2.35.26,  Helen Mulhall, Bearbrook RC 3.01.30,  The President 3.51.38,  230/790 and  9/30 MV55.   My Second fastest ever marathon, full results here.

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  1. 3:51 it is a good result indeed Matt , especially if you think that you are a fell runner not a road runner . I used to be a road runner living in a big city , but now living on the Ilkley Moors and as well for old age, I prefer soft terrain then tarmac . Well done Matt.

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