Sunday 20th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

Sunday 20th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

Report from Mark Hall:

The Vale of York half marathon incorporated the Yorksire veterans half marathon championships. Jamil won the V35 title, Mark Hall V55 title not sure about other OAC runners as the Yorkshire vet results have still to be worked out.
Good to see so many OAC runners, a big turnout with some good times and PBs. Well done to Jamil and especially Zack for their fine runs.

Report from Jamil Parapia: The Vale of York Half Marathon was well attended by Otley AC runners and spectators alike. The course is pretty flat and reminded me of the Selby Half Marathon I did in 2006 with Julian Mawson. The conditions for running were excellent as they often are at this time of the year. Well done to all runners who finished. PBs for Zack Whitehead, Sara Elliott and Ann Yeadon and it was Nicky’s first half – not sure about the others!

A half marathon is quite a long way (apparently it is half the distance of a marathon) so everyone should be proud of themselves. Results below or at

2 1155 Jamil Parapia MSEN 2 Otley AC 1:10:57.9 1:10:57.4
3 1598 Zack Whitehead MSEN 3 Otley AC 1:13:42.3 1:13:41.7
11 120 Frank Beresford MSEN 8 Otley AC 1:17:07.4 1:17:06.9
26 606 Mark Hall M55 1 Otley AC 1:20:20.1 1:20:18.9
314 451 Sara Elliott F40 13 Otley AC 1:42:54.2 1:42:32.0
347 889 Nicola Lee F35 16 Otley AC 1:44:33.1 1:44:07.5
404 1181 Hugh Pearson M50 35 Otley AC 1:47:27.2 1:47:05.8
438 1665 Eriks Zvaigzne M60 8 Otley AC 1:49:17.1 1:48:54.6
570 1010 Ursula McGouran F55 7 Otley AC 1:55:49.9 1:55:22.4
698 614 Tom Hannah M65 6 Otley AC 2:00:34.0 1:59:27.8
700 1485 Charlotte Tomlinson FSEN 72 Otley AC 2:00:38.8 1:59:30.3
763 1661 Ann Yeadon F40 54 Otley AC 2:03:30.2 2:02:21.9
764 1231 Andrew Rayner M50 55 Otley AC 2:03:30.9 2:02:25.5
812 627 Gemma Harrington F35 59 Otley AC 2:06:05.2 2:04:58.7

8 thoughts on “Sunday 20th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

  1. Compliments to Jamil P. for the brilliant performance in York 1:10 is a super result that deserved as well to win the race . Compliments as well to Sara E. for the fantastic result 1:42 is indeed running fast . Also Ursula M. ran well with 1:45 is a super result , and Mark H. is a unique competitor with a superb 1:20. It is good to see Gemma H. back in racing with 2:06. Well done to everybody who ran in York.

  2. Well done to all OAC runners. It was also the Yorkshire vets half marathon chapionships. Jamil was V35 Champion and Mark Hall V55 Champion. I am not sure how the other Otley runners did as there were problems with the results on the day.

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