Thursday 24th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

Thursday 24th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

Youth, Seniors, Veterans & a Senior Citizen combined for an interesting race at the Keighley track.  Mark Hall sped round crossing the finish line in a clear first place, taking home lots of points in the Runner of the Year competition and a new MV55 club record.  Can you spot Antonio on YouTube here

1 Mark Hall 05:18
2 Tom Lynch 05:43
3 Tom Paget 05:45
4 Steve Robinson 05:48
5 Howard Jeffrey 06:09
6 Jenson Brogden 06:10
7 Andy Webster 06:18
8 Holly Davey 06:20
9 Dominic Egan 06:47
10 Mick Jeffrey 07:00
11 Imogen Webster 07:39
12 Adam Paget 07:50
13 Alice Webster 08:11
14 Helen Webster 08:36
15 Antonio Cardinale 08:56

6 thoughts on “Thursday 24th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

  1. I can Andrew , right after the start ,somebody pushed me down and I crashed on the track . It was indeed a Golden mile with Steve Cram WR mile , it was a fantastic race that I can still remember .

  2. Antonio, your memory must be playing tricks as the commentator (the great David Coleman) said the faller walked off the track in disgust. The Antonio we all know and love would have got up and finished the race!
    I too remember this race and have never seen anyone run in such impressive style as Steve Cram. The Jarrow Arrow indeed.

  3. Yes Howard , if indeed I was n 71probably I would got up and chase the group and try to to beat the great Steve Cram and as Sebastian C. and as well my rival David Cattanach. To be honest I have never been in Norway , it was not me.

  4. Congratulations to Mark H. for winning the Golden Mile with an awesome 5:18 that is as well a club record, indeed Mark was a superstar on this beautiful university’s track. The juniors ran in a splendid mood with Jenson B. with the best result of 6:10 and Holly D. not far behind with a super 6:20. Also the two sisters Webster ran strongly on the night, Imogen with 7:39 and Alice 8:11. Adam P. ran a superb Golden Mile with 7:50 that is a good result . Well done everyone .

  5. Thanks Antonio, as ever you are very generous and your words are always appreciated. You ran well too and your enthusiasm at events is good for team moral even if you do think I should be thinking about retirement! Always good to see you.

  6. Not at all Mark , no retirement , you can still win the Yorkshire Championship at 75 , what I meant is best to back off sometimes from hard training , to avoid bad injury like the last one that kept you out of running for several months . Also really I am not that generous with my words towards you because after all you are the Yorkshire Champion and the British Champion and it is enough to have a look at the club records to see your name over and over again together with the International Eric S. and the great Ian Fisher .

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