Saturday 26th September: Yorkshire veterans track championships (Cleckheaton)

Saturday 26th September: Yorkshire veterans track championships (Cleckheaton)

Report from Mark Hall:
After 18 years of running I decided to do my first full track meeting, better late than never!

I have to admit my motivation was to have a pop at trying to improve the 400/800/3k club records. Having run in 2 half marathons in 3 weeks my preparation was not the best for running short distances fast. Unfortunately, the 3 events all took place within 30 minutes! The times I recorded were fairly modest and feel with more track work I could reduce them significantly. However, I managed to win the Yorkshire Veterans V55 title at the 3 distances.

I did the following times.
3k 10.06
400 73.4secs
800 2.33secs

The meeting was really well organised and had a relaxed atmosphere, pity more OAC runners can’t do these events as they are open to all levels of runners.

6 thoughts on “Saturday 26th September: Yorkshire veterans track championships (Cleckheaton)

  1. Well done Mark! Would love to have a go at some track races (if we can do some track training first though!!!)

  2. Hi Graham, Sara think the track season may be over for a while but guessing next May(ish) may start up again. Be good to get OAC members on the track, myself included. The vets are really more relaxed than the young hares but equally as competitive. Also, no need for spikes I ran in road trainers.

  3. To be honest Mark our club organize twice every year fantastic races on the track this year we ran the 3000m and the Golden Mile that you won with a good performance, in the past on Leeds track we did as well 400m and 800m as well , Otley AC’s track races do not give you the Yorkshire title but they let you in the club records . Once again Congratulations for the Yorkshire Championships in 3 distances , it just show what a huge competitor you are . Well done Mark .

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