Sunday 27th September: Bradford 10k

Sunday 27th September: Bradford 10k

Report from Stephen Boddy:
It was a murky, misty morning on Sunday and I spent most of the drive to the Bradford thinking on some of life’s imponderables; why had I paid £18 to run up and down Canal Road; why didn’t England just kick the effing penalty? Why did I feel the need to have one more beer last night?

Anyway, the buzz at the start line jolted me from my reverie and I saw a few of the fast lads doing a warm up that consisted of more than a quick jog on the spot and a slug of Lucozade. I caught Tom Adams’ eye and the message was clear “One of us is going to win today Tom, I can feel it”.

A free pumpkin and cinnamon infused espresso had me positively bouncing to the start line and I blame that for my ridiculous first mile which I completed in a swift 6 ½ mins. Pride comes before a fall and I spent the next five miles ‘falling’ and I battled home in 45.17 which is bang average for me.

This ended my streak of nine PBs in a row on the road and I lay the blame squarely at the feet of my 6 month old son whose idea of sleeping is markedly different to mine, this is a new excuse for me and I like to find a variety of excuses to explain away sub-par performances because it is obviously never my own fault.

Didn’t see many Otley vests but I think I saw a Frank-like blur come past me at some point.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 27th September: Bradford 10k

  1. He writes a nice report! Tom Adams won in 31.28, Frank was third in 32.42, Robin O was 15th in 35.11 and wonderful to see Reid racing in at 49.39. First woman was Hannah Oldroyd in 36.35.Well done all, nothing like a trot up and down Canal rd.

  2. I agree with Sara E. and our President Matt P. about a great report and good running from our members in this 10k especially good to see Reid racing in Bradford with a super 49:39. Well done everybody .

  3. When a risk pays off, you’re a hero when it doesn’t, well… you’re not! Lizzie Armitstead is!!!
    England penalty not taken because they are confident of beating Australia!
    6.5 minute first mile…..supercharged espresso? Maybe not recommended

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