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Saturday 26th to Sunday 27th September: RAB Mountain Marathon

Report from Sarah Fuller

Sometimes in running long events you get a period of perfect clarity, where the running seems to flow, the tiredness leaves your legs and you are left with a feeling of utter contentment. I had one such moment a couple of hours in to day 2 of this years’ RAB mountain marathon: high above the Ogwen valley we found the perfect traversing line, just wide enough to run on with ease, just narrow enough to give a sense of exposure and excitement, just technical enough to be interesting and just flat enough to feel very smug we decided to take this line to the next checkpoint. The view ahead to Cwm Idwal was outstanding with the famous crags just catching the rising sun. If ever there was a ‘this is why we do it’ moment this was it, a memory to be banked and drawn upon on future grim days commuting in the rain.

The day had begun after a distinctly sub optimal amount of ‘sleep’ and I had awoken stiff, cold, damp and very tired. Kate, in contract, sprung out of bed like tigger raring to go! We had the prospect of another grueling day on the hills which at 6am pre cup of tea wasn’t that appealing in all honesty. However, once we managed to squeeze out of the small postage stamp sized square of fabric which passes as a tent and extract ourselves from our meagre 2 gram sleeping bags the view was outstanding and I was looking forward to getting up there.

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Thursday 24th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

Youth, Seniors, Veterans & a Senior Citizen combined for an interesting race at the Keighley track.  Mark Hall sped round crossing the finish line in a clear first place, taking home lots of points in the Runner of the Year competition and a new MV55 club record.  Can you spot Antonio on YouTube here

1 Mark Hall 05:18
2 Tom Lynch 05:43
3 Tom Paget 05:45
4 Steve Robinson 05:48
5 Howard Jeffrey 06:09
6 Jenson Brogden 06:10
7 Andy Webster 06:18
8 Holly Davey 06:20
9 Dominic Egan 06:47
10 Mick Jeffrey 07:00
11 Imogen Webster 07:39
12 Adam Paget 07:50
13 Alice Webster 08:11
14 Helen Webster 08:36
15 Antonio Cardinale 08:56


Saturday 19th September – Good Shepherd Fell Race

Report from Liam Dunne:

Whilst eating breakfast last Sat morning I decided to have a look at what was happening on the fell running calendar. I spotted that the Good Sheppard race was on at 10.30am that morning.  I’m not familiar with this event but instead of doing the planned 15 mile hilly training run I opted to drive to Mytholmroyd near Halifax for this hilly figure of 8 event around Stoodley Pike(15 miles (24.14km) / 2000ft (609.6m)).  I didn’t realise until I got there that the course was only partially marked and there was checkpoints that needed to be found.  My only option was to follow someone who knew the route and soon after the start I found myself hanging on to the two leaders.  After checkpoint 3 the leaders started to get away from me, so to avoid getting lost I waited for the next bunch of four runners who weren’t too far behind.  Nobody in this group really knew the route either and we overcooked checkpoint 4 losing several minutes on the leaders. On the way to the next checkpoint we went off course again, probably doing an extra half mile or so, only to rejoin well down the field of runners.  From here on in it was fairly well marked and this allowed me to get back through the field to finish in 5th overall and 2nd V40.  It was a really tough and varied terrain over woodland paths, moors and rough fell but could’ve been a fairly enjoyable event if I knew the route.

The winner was Oliver Edward Barnes (U/A) in 1.49.46 with first lady Lucy Collins (CVFR) finishing 10th in 2.08.55

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Sunday 20th September – Stainland Lions Trail Race

Report from Phil Robinson: Anyone who remembers running in the Stainland 7 (I recall Ian Fisher winning it once, some years ago) will know that flat surfaces around those parts are only found indoors. At just over 6 miles with nearly 800 feet of climbing the trail race – according to the locals I talked to – is thought to be harder than the old ‘7’. The route was mainly on woodland paths, mostly narrow, sometimes rocky, and usually steep. But Sunday morning was fine and dry, not too warm, little wind, so great conditions for running. A good few stiles and gates meant a few seconds respite from time to time but a sensible entry limit (I think 200) meant there were no long delays even in the middle of the pack. The course was well-marked and marshalled, and the organisation was fell-race style with just a couple of tables in the bar of the local pub. Real grass-roots running in every sense, great fun, and highly recommended.


1 Tanya Seager  F40 (!!!) Stainland Lions 44.04

2 Jonathan Collins   M Stainland Lions 44.28

3 John Lloyd     M Salford Harriers 44.43

69  Phil Robinson M70 (1st) Otley AC 64.47

119 finishers

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Sunday 20th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

Report from Mark Hall:

The Vale of York half marathon incorporated the Yorksire veterans half marathon championships. Jamil won the V35 title, Mark Hall V55 title not sure about other OAC runners as the Yorkshire vet results have still to be worked out.
Good to see so many OAC runners, a big turnout with some good times and PBs. Well done to Jamil and especially Zack for their fine runs.

Report from Jamil Parapia: The Vale of York Half Marathon was well attended by Otley AC runners and spectators alike. The course is pretty flat and reminded me of the Selby Half Marathon I did in 2006 with Julian Mawson. The conditions for running were excellent as they often are at this time of the year. Well done to all runners who finished. PBs for Zack Whitehead, Sara Elliott and Ann Yeadon and it was Nicky’s first half – not sure about the others!

A half marathon is quite a long way (apparently it is half the distance of a marathon) so everyone should be proud of themselves. Results below or at

2 1155 Jamil Parapia MSEN 2 Otley AC 1:10:57.9 1:10:57.4
3 1598 Zack Whitehead MSEN 3 Otley AC 1:13:42.3 1:13:41.7
11 120 Frank Beresford MSEN 8 Otley AC 1:17:07.4 1:17:06.9
26 606 Mark Hall M55 1 Otley AC 1:20:20.1 1:20:18.9
314 451 Sara Elliott F40 13 Otley AC 1:42:54.2 1:42:32.0
347 889 Nicola Lee F35 16 Otley AC 1:44:33.1 1:44:07.5
404 1181 Hugh Pearson M50 35 Otley AC 1:47:27.2 1:47:05.8
438 1665 Eriks Zvaigzne M60 8 Otley AC 1:49:17.1 1:48:54.6
570 1010 Ursula McGouran F55 7 Otley AC 1:55:49.9 1:55:22.4
698 614 Tom Hannah M65 6 Otley AC 2:00:34.0 1:59:27.8
700 1485 Charlotte Tomlinson FSEN 72 Otley AC 2:00:38.8 1:59:30.3
763 1661 Ann Yeadon F40 54 Otley AC 2:03:30.2 2:02:21.9
764 1231 Andrew Rayner M50 55 Otley AC 2:03:30.9 2:02:25.5
812 627 Gemma Harrington F35 59 Otley AC 2:06:05.2 2:04:58.7


September 15-19th – ITU Triathlon World Championships, Chicago

Report from Howard Jeffrey: I was privileged to spend a week in Chicago spectating a whole range of aqualthon and triathlon events including male and female elite world championship finals. I also make the cut for the age group sprint and standard distances and decided to do both (not usually permissible but for some reason OK here) as it is a long way to go and there was a day to recover in between.

The weather was unseasonably hot with clear blue skies most of the time and relatively high temperatures. I had decided to push the sprint which was on the Thursday and see what I had left, if anything, for the standard on the Saturday. I was glad I did the recce swim in lake Michigan on the Wednesday because apart from familiarisation with the water (it is like a fresh water sea) the zip on my wet suit jammed when I tried to get it off which would not have been a good thing on race day.
Sorted the issue for the sprint and it was an open water start which is always preferred as you get a bit of a warm up before the gun goes. Set off steady ( did not want a repeat of the Geneva floundering) and felt ok till I wanted to change up a gear. Reminded that the chest is still not 100% yet so had to back off a bit. A long run from the exit to transition which suited me and onto the bike. A dead flat route albeit with some hairpin bends and a few rough bits of concrete that led to a few crashes. Had a solid bike leg and was conscious of rising temperature. A long run again from dismount to transition which allowed me to warm up for the run. Managed 22 minutes for the 5 K which was actually one of the fastest run leg times in my age group and I was pleased as there were people walking in the 32+ degree heat. Finished upper middle of the field which is where I would have expected to come.
The standard on the Thursday went better than expected although the swim was long and hard because of the conditions and the state of my chest. Held my own on the bike again on a different circuit from the sprint. I nearly came a cropper when a USA guy cut the corner in front of me. The bike skidded, lozenged and creaked as I fought for control under heavy breaking and I nearly slammed into a GB female. How I stayed up and missed the others we will never know. There were actually many crashes and the route was strewn with downed cyclists and the motorised flat beds were busy ferrying the injured away. (There were complaints about the safety of the route afterwards). Anyway on to the run leg.
10K plus in the not quite so hot conditions saw another reasonably quick time for the age group and another solid middle of the pack performance and I was not suffering ill effects from the sprint which was a surprise.
Chicago, as the song goes, is my kind of town ….not! Although it was fantastic for a visit, very open and friendly with some great edifices.


Saturday 19th September – Park Runs

Woodhouse Moor parkrun

A total of 360 runners took part.

View full results for Woodhouse Moor parkrun event #419


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Unknown ATHLETE Unattached 00:15:53
16 1 Treena JOHNSON Dewsbury Road Runners 00:19:12
49 44 James KETTLEBOROUGH Otley AC 00:21:48
331 137 Toni Midgley Otley AC 00:35:15


Bradford parkrun

A total of 395 runners took part.

View full results for Bradford parkrun event #275


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ged CALLAN Bingley Harriers and AC 00:17:21
20 1 Sarah FLAHERTY Bradford Grammar School 00:20:48
190 142 Reid Anthony James HADDOW Otley AC 00:29:38

Brueton parkrun

A total of 342 runners took part.

View full results for Brueton parkrun event #269


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Gareth WAINWRIGHT KPMG Running Club 00:17:24
3 1 Danielle STEWART Coventry Godiva Harriers 00:18:16
29 28 Richard A CLARKE Otley AC 00:20:58


Worcester parkrun

A total of 406 runners took part.

View full results for Worcester parkrun event #224


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Ben CARRINGTON Amazing Feet RC 00:18:09
4 4 Richard Anthony SMITH Otley AC 00:19:04
22 1 Harrriette DREW Oxford University Cross Country Club 00:20:40

Harrogate parkrun

A total of 377 runners took part.

View full results for Harrogate parkrun event #194


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
1 1 Mark BRYANT Leeds City AC 00:17:32
12 12 Tom Lynch Otley AC 00:19:24
28 1 Sharon Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Unattached 00:20:25

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Runner of the Month for August

Well done to former treasurer Julian Mawson who was chosen as the latest runner of the month for his great run at the Burnsall 10.julian_dent2012


Sunday 13th September: Lake district Mountain Trial

Report from Sarah Fuller:

The mountain trial is a major event in the fell running calendar steeped in 61 years of history. The race is billed as a ‘severe test of fellrunners’ mountaineering ability and stamina’ and it does it exactly what it says on the tin! The race often has a lot of difficult and often dangerous terrain and a large amount of route choice options and tough navigation, and attracts a somewhat high class field particularly in the 2 longer courses (yours truly excepted of course!). There are three courses: the classic (up until recently only open to men!), the medium (until recently women only) and the short (aimed as first timers or older competitors). As usual I was in the medium trial along with 49 other competitors and this year the start was in Borrowdale so the day promised some steep and rocky terrain. Also as usual for the trial the day started claggy and wet and we were set off at minute intervals into the gloom. I secretly quite like those conditions as it can slow down some of the racing snakes but after a couple of hours the weather brightened and the cloud lifted leaving a lovely day which was most enjoyable but sure enough the racing snakes prevailed!

Our course took us onto Glaramara (the land of 3,000 identical looking knolls) and a really hard control in the middle of a largely featureless (and exceptionally wet) plateau (I gave myself a big pat on the back for getting this one spot on!), then steeply down into langstrath and a long traverse along the valley side followed by a near vertical boggy slog up allen crags. Control 3 was over the other side of broad crag high above the corridor route, I (and a few others) thought I was being clever taking a more northerly route around great end saving some height gain but it turned out to be a complete nightmare as there was some crags and a gulley that weren’t visible on the map which meant I spent a lot of time faffing and retracing my steps a few times. It was a bit frustrating but I tried to forget it as its part and parcel of this sort of race, and enjoy the rest of the day as the sun had come out and the views were magnificent. Finally I reached control 3 and breathed a sigh of relief which was short lived when I saw where the next control was – over on haystacks with the gables in the way! So a bit of a slog but all in all a long but incident free leg to haystacks. 2 more controls on the way in on the far side of grey knots then over the road on the coast to coast track and then the final run in to Borrowdale. I was chuffed to finish my 4th trial but slightly disappointed with the result although it is a tough event to do well in and a tough one just to finish. Good tester and much needed navigation practice ready for the RAB mountain marathon in 2 weeks though. The medium trial was won by Matt Driver in a pretty unbelievable 4 hours and 4 minutes. I was 41st in 6 hours 2 minutes.

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Sunday 13th September – Rombalds Romp

Report from Graham Lake:

TheLakesA gorgeous morning for romping, as the dull day forecast was replaced by warm blue Yorkshire skies. For those who don’t know, this race has two routes, a ‘fell’ and a ‘trail’ option, both meant to take about the same amount of time. As last year I did the fell route, which is shorter but more up and down.
It’s a great route, with a steep start, followed by forest bog-hopping and then two fast descents, the second of which is great fun. I was feeling strong and spent most of the race with a couple of other runners, swapping the pace-making. I pulled away on the descent to come in 9th overall (8th Fell route). It’s usually a case of the trail runners winning, and I know the chap who was 1st trail and finished just ahead of me is usually a fair bit faster, so maybe the fell route was quicker this year.

Anyway, chuffed with the top ten finish, even tho my older bro is on form and finished 3rd!

Winner Lee Athersmith (Wharfedale) 45.30,  9th Graham Lake 50.08,  111 David Cattanach 1.38.35,  114 Antonio Cardinale 1.57.21

1st Lady Claire Green P&B 53.35, full results here.

Top Tip! Always worth going to the prizegiving of this one, as they always have lots of sweets/choc/ale left over