Sunday 4th October – Wee Toughie 10k Trail

Sunday 4th October – Wee Toughie 10k Trail

Report from Colin Best:

Yet anoColinBest_WeeToughie10kther visit to Northumberland this time in the company of Pete and Ursula MUrsulaMcGouran_WeeToughie10kcGougan took us north of the border again.  This was only the second running of this race and had the grand entry of 39. That was 20 more than my last race in this area!  The race started and finished on Coldingham beach and had a total climb of 850ft. After 2mls Ursula was still just behind but managed to pull away on a steep slippery descent. I was having another personal battle with another Colin whom I run with at Berwick Striders.  He kept passing me uphill only for me to overtake downhill and there were plenty of ups and downs not quite Ian Hodgson but made Otley 10 seem flat.  The last mile was along the cliff tops and down reportly 90 steps onto the beach.Decisions, longer route on hard sand or direct to finish on soft sand. Wrongly chose soft sand but did manage to win my personal battle.  1st 2 to finish were under 17 was this trying to tell me something.

1st Nathan Cox 41.45,  6th Jill Mykura 46.26 1st lady,  17th Colin Best 58.47,  22nd Ursula McGouran 61.08.  39 finishers.  Interesting profile below…


2 thoughts on “Sunday 4th October – Wee Toughie 10k Trail

  1. When I looked at the map profile below I was scared, your 58:47 is really a strong performance Colin , to be honest before the start and I would notice a map like that I would not go to the start line . Also Ursula M. with 61:08 had a super day in this 10k trail race . Well done you two .

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