Runner of the Month for September

Runner of the Month for September

Phil Robinson and Ann Yeadon were given the award for last month.  Ann for her run at the Vale of York Half, Phil for Wetherby 10k, Stainland Lions Trail Race & Sutton 10k.  Well done both.

7 thoughts on “Runner of the Month for September

  1. After winning a British championship, setting a UK best time, winning 4 Yorksire championships and setting 5 club records it seems like the big one has eluded me, ROM, I think a medal in Beijing would have sorted it!

    All said with tongue firmly in cheek.

    Well done Phil and Ann

  2. Dear Mark , you have just said all the unbelievable achievements that you have been awarded this year including a UK best time and 5 club records , stunning performances , few runners all over England can run and win like you. Is not that enough? A huge competitor like you Mark does not need the Month Award, you already been awarded on regional and national stage . You might leave this award to the others club’s members who fights hard to deserve it.

  3. I know Antonio, as I said, my comment was written in jest and was intended to be taken that way. I appreciate all athletes achievements have to be acknowledged at every level. I have no issues with the ROM winners as everyone who competes has great merit and Phil and Ann deserve their awards.

  4. Fair play to you Mark , this time I agree with you about Phil R. and Ann Y. are the worthy winner of the September Award . Phil this year has been running with an excellent speed , his performances are at the top of the field in West Yorkshire. Also Ann is racing strongly . Well done you two .

  5. Well done both & just a quick note for info. to spread the award around as much as poss. the award isn’t awarded to the same person within a twelve month period.

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