Saturday 10th October – Calverley Handicap

Saturday 10th October – Calverley Handicap

Report from substitute handicapper John Dade: A small number made it to Calverley on a beautiful still morning.

First home, and 15 points went to Ursula. Colin, having already marked half the course, ran with his dog Monty.

A nice run was had by all. John Dade, who was deputising for Andrew, did the timing.

Despite an initial panic, thinking he hadn’t recorded the times correctly, the accurate results were retrieved in the pub.

Time Handicap Net time Points
Ursula McGouran 50.58 11.00 39.58 15
Tom Hannah 51.45 10.00 41.45 14
Eriks Zvaigzne 52.33 14.00 38.33 13
Christian Hosker 52.54 18.00 34.54 12
Lisa Maughan 53.02 10.00 43.02 11
Chris Tomlinson 53.16 16.00 37.16 10
Phil Robinson 53.22 12.00 41.22 9
Dominic Egan 54.13 14.00 40.13 8
Monty (Colin’s dog) 54.19 10.00 44.19
Colin Best 54.20 10.00 44.20 7
Gemma Harrington 54.44 8.00 46.44 6
Andy Webster 55.08 18.00 37.08 5
Antonio Cardinale 55.34 55.34 4


6 thoughts on “Saturday 10th October – Calverley Handicap

  1. Well done all, a great day for a run.
    Not sure if I am able to or even should comment only having done 1 handicap (and that by default!) Not criticising the organisation either as I know from a previous life we only see the end result and not the work that goes into these things. It does just seems a tough ask to get the best 10 scores from only 11 handicap races. Only three people appear to have done or be able to have done 10. Perhaps the best 5 out of however many races done would open it up to quite a few more. Just a thought to ignore or consider as you think fit.
    Also think Monty should have got 3 points!

  2. Looks to be a two horse race to the finish. If you remove Chris’s lowest score to even up the run count. Tom has a slight lead going into the final two races.

  3. Ooh, controversial Howard 🙂 I beg to differ I’m afraid, 10 out of 12 means the Handicap title is ‘hard earned’ over the whole year & it could be won with less than 10 if you do well in the popular ones, doing well at Danefield and Fewston can give you 50+ points..

  4. With a solid 39:58 Ursula M. won the Colin’s Calverly Handicap race, when she passed me along the canal towards the finish I was impressed with her powerful stride. Congratulations to her. With 43:02 Lisa M. ran a super race on a splendid beautiful morning in Calverly. With 46:44 also Gemma H. had a very good performance , not bad at all . Well done everyone .

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