Sunday 11th October – Yorkshire Marathon

Sunday 11th October – Yorkshire Marathon

Frank Beresford reports:

The Yorkshire marathon has been my key race for the autumn and I have spent nearly all of summer preparing for the event. Training went really well up until August where I pretty much lost 3 weeks of training due to tonsillitis, which knocked quite a lot out of me both physically and mentally. But such is life and as soon as I could, I got back to training. As always I enjoyed training for the marathon, running with many fellow runners in the local area, even a brutal long run with the experienced Ian Fisher. Again for this Marathon I was under the guidance of Peter Shields, who put a lot of time and effort into training me, I am very grateful to have such expertise to advise and coach me.

I arrived at the Marathon fresh and excited at the prospect of my second marathon. I felt good and through my own fault went off really too fast and did a 5.10 minute mile in the first mile, I slowed it down after I realised and felt OK, but paid the price later on in the race. As did London, the whole marathon was a bit of a blur but I did enjoy running through the surrounding area of York and practically past York minster. I ran almost the entire race with Jonathon Walton a good runner from Leeds city and we both worked together throughout the race to bring the best out in both of us. I experienced some stomach pain during the race and had to go for a less than pleasant toilet break twice in the race, which meant I had to catch up every time. It is a problem that I need to solve as the issue affects me greatly even on training runs. Even with these stomach problems I felt good and relaxed. I really enjoyed the race with great support from so many people. I even saw Scott, Zack and Rachel 3 times on the race (not sure how they managed to do this!). Zack shouted at me to run for the money which made me laugh but encouraged me to put in a good burst of pace. Things went slightly wrong at mile 24 where my legs refused to move and I really had to turn off my pain sensors and dig deep. I had no choice but to slow down and hang on to 5th place in 2 hours and 35 minutes, with Andy May another quality runner and good friend nearly pipping me at the end. Unfortunately I did not get a PB but I finished with a grin and really enjoyed the entire experience.

For me the journey of a marathon is superb. The training and the race itself are such a challenge both mentally and physically, Yorkshire marathon has wetted my appetite to continue my conquest of achieving the best time possible that my body is capable of. I have learnt a lot from this marathon phase even more so than London. There are many more marathons to come from me!

I would like to thank all those who have supported me through my Marathon training particularly my coach Peter Shields and my fiancée Sabba, who has paced me on the bike more times than I can remember and helped keep my confidence up when things haven’t gone to plan!

I will now be focusing on shorter races (Abbey Dash and Stockport 10) and cross country over the coming months to get some much needed speed into my legs before I attack London Marathon again next April. The marathon journey continues……..



5 thoughts on “Sunday 11th October – Yorkshire Marathon

  1. Well done Frank, now for a bit of cross country mud!, t’other Otley results: Gilly 4:13:48, Hugh 4:32:23 & Billy 4:32:46, well done all.

  2. Well done Frank, Gilly Hugh and Billy. The marathon is a tough event and if you don’t get it 100% right on the day it can be frustrating. Keep at it and you will get the result you want.

  3. Fantastic run Frank, and you have a refreshing attitude to running, nice one. Still think you’d make a half-decent fell runner like. ;o)

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