Sunday 18th October – Palma de Mallorca Marathon

Sunday 18th October – Palma de Mallorca Marathon

Tom Hannah, Malcolm Court and Richard Hamer headed abroad to take part in the Palma de Mallorca Marathon, which is actually a running festival with a marathon, half-marathon and 10k.

Tom ran the half in 2:04:58 (chip time, gun 2:08:15), Malcolm the 10 in 54:49 (57:45) and Richard needn’t have bothered. Oh go on then, he crawled across the finish line in 59:06 (1:02:03).

Richard said: “I was hoping for a sub-50 and was doing okay until about halfway, although the sub-50 was looking a bit doubtful at that point, but then the heat got the better of me and I fried. Even though the race started at 9:20m it was already baking hot and there was no shade for the 10k.

“Lots of walking and wobbling for the return leg and the line of ambulances I’d seen earlier near the HQ all made sense. Thankfully I didn’t end up in one; a long sit down in the shade plus lots of water, Powerade (yuk), a doughnut, a banana and a beer put the smile back on my face.

“A great weekend away, and a brilliant event which has about 9,000 runners (including some Nordic walkers and the usual hilarious person in a mankini) taking part mostly from Spain (obviously), Sweden, Germany and the UK. Not as good as the Otley 10 though.”

2 thoughts on “Sunday 18th October – Palma de Mallorca Marathon

  1. A great weekend away indeed at this running festival , from the photo you look happy , I wish I was there with you . Considering that since the early morning was very hot , the 2:04 of Tom H. is a good performance for the half marathon , 54: 49 of Malcom C. for the 10k is not a bad result at all , also Richard H. with 59:06 although he was struggling he ran crossing the finish line . Well done you three .

  2. Nicely done the three amigos! I guess this is before the start as the heat would have told. Good to see Malcolm racing but is he just about to smoke a Canadian Slim Cigar?

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