Saturday 24 October – Great Whernside Fell Race

Saturday 24 October – Great Whernside Fell Race

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

A classic fell race to the summit and back, (4miles/1500ft), almost 2 races in one where the strong climbers have the advantage in the race to the top, but the demon descenders often make up lots of ground on the return.  Friday’s weather forecast of lots of rain & wind fortunately proved to be inaccurate as we were blessed with pretty good conditions.  After the initial steep climb I was feeling a little lethargic, but did come round towards the end of the climb and the aim on the descent was to try and minimise the number who passed me, which I managed to keep to 3.  An advantage about the ‘out & back‘ nature of this type of race is the fact you get to see the leaders on their return journey as you’re still struggling up & those behind on your descent, so it was good to see Caron on my way back.

Ted Mason, Wharfedale H. was first in 31:11 ,  first lady, with a new record of 33:50 was this years English Fell running champ. Victoria Wilkinson, Bingley H.  I finished 14th, 36:06. Caron 116th, 52:39.  (136 finishers, 1 dnf).  Full results.

Definitely a race to be recommended if you want to try a fell race, one small technical rocky bit, a bit of bog but not too much & no navigation issue being up & down!  Lots of good photos here.

3 thoughts on “Saturday 24 October – Great Whernside Fell Race

  1. There are several fell races in the district with the ‘ out and back ‘ course and sometimes for me it is a bit depressing to see the leaders flying towards the finish line ,as me still struggling to go up to the top ,although I like them because are usually short ones . 36:06 is a good performance Andrew and to finish in 14th is a brilliant result. Also Caron ran a super fell race. Well done you two .

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