Sunday 25th October – Wistow 10k

Sunday 25th October – Wistow 10k

Report from Tom Lynch:

In effort to fill up the other side of my ROY table and start work on my 5/10k times this winter I entered the Wistow 10k, a local flat and fast (and cheap!) road race in farm land in the Humberhead Levels near Selby, this was also my first road 10k for something like 3 years. The weather was good, although a slight breeze picked up at some points. Being far from my usual race terrain, all on tarmac with not a hill in sight, it felt a bit unusual, but the course was nice and I soon settled into a fairly consistent rhythm. I saw Frank Beresford zip off into the distance from the start line in customary fashion, but I could still catch sight of him for parts of the race across the open fields (mainly due to his socks). I thought he looked good for the win, but Frank was apparently pipped at the finish to come 2nd, ‘1 second’ on the clock (I heard it was very close) behind the winner John Hobbs from Valley Striders who clocked a time of 33:13. I came in 23rd out of 171 finishers in a time of 39:07, something like 2:30 minutes faster than my previous best effort. Either way I was looking at a default PB for this race as this is my first 10k result for a club, if it’s not on Power of 10 it doesn’t count right? 1st lady, who passed me around the 6/7k mark, was Hannah Corne from Valley Striders in 38:37. A well organised race with a nice choice of drinks bottle or buff for the swag at the end, would definitely recommend it.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday 25th October – Wistow 10k

  1. To finish in 2nd is beautiful Frank and your time 33:14 is a great result , it is fast running and also I like your socks as well , I am going to buy them soon next time I will go to the Complete Runner in Ilkley. Well done everybody.

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