Saturday 31st October – WYXC Huddersfield

Saturday 31st October – WYXC Huddersfield

Report from Tamara Weatherhead: I ventured a whole hour south for my first ever XC race today, set in the grounds of North Huddersfield Trust School. It was an experience. I’m not entirely sure that the race itself was an enjoyable one but always good to hang out with some Black and Whites and their tag-alongs – I brought 4 supporters with me! Sean, with family support of Elaine and Niamh, had turned up bright and early to set up the tent and flag for us 🙂 and Flash barked appreciatively 😕

Jenson Brogden (46th, 14:58) and Holly Davey, (32nd, 10:21) raced for the juniors. The men had a good turnout with Frank Beresford, (unfortunately pulled up lame at approx. half way 🙁  ), Andrew Robertshaw, (23rd 36:44), Steve Robinson, (120th 46:26),  Eriks Zvaigzne, (146th 53:36), Sean O’Halloran, (151st, 1:04:44), David Cattanach, (152nd 1:06:09) and Antonio Cardinale, (153rd 1:10:54). They got to do 5 laps of approx 1.8k. Us ladies were depleted through injury and illness, although Sabba still came along to support: meself, (48th 27:35) Caron Ralph, (64th 29:55) and Jackie Ackroyd, (74th 31:08), did 3 laps of an unpleasant course that had ups and downs in it. Nobody had said anything about hills. I started off steady, thinking I might have a bit of a glory lap at the end. Shows what I know. It was hard. I just got slower, and failed to capitalise on overtaking a lass from Bingley for all of 100 metres. I did, at least, find a way to make fell shoes cope with the mud bath bits, so sort of a successful race. No idea how anyone got on as me and my gang had to rush back to Otley and I forgot my watch, oh the stress of it all! .

Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth H.  won the senior ladies in 21:33 and Tom Adams, Ilkley H. won the mens race in 32:37, almost a minute and a half clear of second.  Full Results.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 31st October – WYXC Huddersfield

  1. U did well Tamara! I suppose the only way to describe cross country is character building! Def not an easy course but at least most of the quagmire was on the flat! Well done everyone for a good turnout-next I shall be at start line early so as not have to sprint to start and be out of breat before the gun goes!

  2. Yes, well done Tamara, good to see you racing 🙂 nothing to stress over, pleased we finished a mens team again, finishing 12th this time. Well done everyone.

  3. I can’t believe how hard I am finding the Xcountry. It really is an art and I don’t have it!! Brilliant run from you again Andrew, quality on all surfaces……..

  4. Thanks for putting the results in Andrew.
    Steve, glad you think it’s hard too! XC maketh the runner, me thinks.

  5. A good report from Huddersfield Tamara , and as well you had super cross country with 27:35 is not bad at all ,and to say it was your first cross it was a performance . Also Caron R. had a brilliant race with 29:55 and this is a result indeed if considered that part of the route was really a sea of mud. Well done everyone .

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