Swinsty Hall – A ghost story for Halloween

Swinsty Hall – A ghost story for Halloween

A ghost story about Swinsty Hall – beware those of you running past on the Ken Dixon in December!
Interesting that the ghost in question is called Robinson – any relation to Phil?!

Phile writes: I believe the Hall was owned by a series of Robinsons from the 16th century, sadly no relation, but the place was occupied by an acquaintance of mine some years ago.

In the 1960s an advert appeared in the Yorks Post offering Swinsty Hall for rent to a suitable tenant. Several hundred people applied and the one chosen was a professional musician – A.C. He did concerts and recitals on radio three and also ran an amateur choir in Leeds in which my first wife was a soprano.

Alan invited us to dinner at Swinsty Hall about 1970. At that time electricity came from a diesel generator, water was piped in from a spring on the hillside behind the house, and drainage went into a septic tank. The upper floors were open-plan, amounting to three huge rooms. A.C. was a delightful chap with a rich speaking voice and a plummy Brian Sewell-type accent.

When we teased him about living in such grand surroundings he said: “Well, it’s only a three-bedroomed council house you know”… not quite true – it was owned by Yorkshire Water. I notice it’s now up for sale again with some recent improvements – all you need is £3.25 million.

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  1. Your report about Swinsty Hall is really very interesting Phil and although I have been running past by it loads of time what I noticed at the entrance was this huge metal gate , thats’ it. I went on Google earth and I discover that it is a stately home mansion and not indeed a three bedroom council house , also if at 3.25 million is a bargain , I am not going to put an offer on it . Next Ken Dixon race if the gate is open I will pop straight in for a cup of tea and to have a look if any ghost is still hanging about .

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